Actors Should be Disciplined; Steadfast’s Supplements are very Effective, says TV actor Kabeer Bhartiya

Actors Should be Disciplined; Steadfast’s Supplements are very Effective, says TV actor Kabeer Bhartiya

Feb 08, 2024

Television Actor Kabeer Bhartiya, who shot to fame with the show Splitsvilla 11, is the heartthrob of many. The actor and Steadfast Athlete has featured in the TV shows Chhoti Sardarni, Vaishno Devi and will soon be seen on the small screen in singer Rahul Jain’s upcoming song Barsaye.

Acting was always his calling. The journey to becoming an actor for Kabeer started since he was a child- he was fascinated with films. Every time he entered the theatre or watched a film on television, it blew him away, making him forget about his life.

Kabeer’s love for acting began with theatre. He enrolled for an acting course from the Barry Jones Acting School in 2015 and decided to move to Mumbai in one and a half years. He worked with a news channel for a while. He bagged his first show, SplitsVilla 11, on MTV within the first few months, which was a massive success and earned him a lot of recognition. Kabeer then starred in the TV series Choti Sardarni and a mythological web series, Vaishno Devi. He acted in a film, which is yet to be released.

Kabeer says patience and discipline are necessary for a career in the film industry.

“I wouldn't say that I face a lot of struggle in getting work. But yes, I think one needs to be patient to get work in Mumbai because patience is must. You need to have discipline, perseverance, and consistency your work after which you will get more of it”, added Kabeer.  

Kabeer was introduced to Steadfast Nutrition through his uncle Samir Jaura, a celeb trainer. He later discovered Steadfast Nutrition founder Mr Aman Puri was his childhood friend.

“I learned about Steadfast through one of my uncles Mr Samir Jaura. He was using the products and he told me they were really effective and nice, which is when I got in touch with one of the associates at Steadfast. Later I found out that Steadfast Nutrition was founded by one of my childhood friends Aman Puri who I grew up with in school, which came as a big surprise. So after that, I had a conversation with Aman and we took things forward”, says Kabeer. 

“They were so clean, so light, so easy to digest and extremely effective as well. I started seeing results within a couple of months. From their macros to micros, everything that they make is so clean. And the best part that it is made in India and it has just been great. Like, I've achieved all my fitness goals using these supplements and I am extremely fit. They have a supplement for every single need of an athlete, which I think is incredible. And the best part; what Steadfast is doing is a great initiative, which I don't think any other nutrition brand is doing. Steadfast is sponsoring athletes throughout the country. Not only the ones in bodybuilding, but in every sport for that matter. So, yes, my journey with Steadfast, I think it's been two and a half years now. It's been really, really good. I'm very happy being associated with Steadfast and like I said, it's a long term association and I mean to keep it that way. So, yeah, cheers to Steadfast”, adds Kabeer.