Why Use Micellar Casein For Overnight Recovery

Why Use Micellar Casein For Overnight Recovery

Milk proteins are considered complete proteins because they contain all the essential amino acids, which are not synthesised by the body but are mandatory for its growth.

So the body can fulfil these requirements with the intake of milk proteins. Milk contains two types of proteins — 80% of casein protein and 20% is whey protein.

Casein and whey protein present in milk can be separated by different methods like:-

  • Precipitation by acid, rennet, alcohol and heat
  • Fractionation
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Microfiltration
  • Diafiltration

Casein is normally mentioned as a night protein, this is because of the reason that it releases the amino acids slowly and prevents muscle breakdown during prolonged starvation. In comparison with casein, whey protein quickly releases amino acids which initiate the muscle synthesis after an intense workout. 

Casein is a milk protein. Micellar Casein is the purest form of casein. MiCasien  is known as a slow-digesting protein because it releases amino acids slowly. It takes more time to digest and absorb in comparison to whey protein in the body. It is generally used for the prevention of muscle breakdown and complete overnight recovery. It is generally preferred or suggested to be taken at night as it takes around 6 to 8 hours for digestion and absorption. And the best thing about this protein is it prevents muscle loss and provides complete recovery with slow and steady muscle synthesis. Therefore, it can be concluded that it provides a constant feed of amino acids to the body at a slow and steady rate, hence, preferred to take at night and called bedtime protein. 

Casein forms small spherical spheres, which are known as micelles with hydrophobic and hydrophilic ends. Hydrophilic portion i.e. water-loving portion of protein is present on the sphere outside and a hydrophobic i.e. water-fearing portion is present inside. As mentioned above it is a slow-release protein, that helps in maintaining the steady supply of amino acids into the bloodstream for muscle hypertrophy and growth. An intense workout for a prolonged duration can result in the wear and tear of muscles that need sufficient protein for recovery. So, micellar casein directs the repairing of damaged muscle tissues.

Over Night Recovery Supplement

Long gaps in between meals leads the body to a starvation mode due to which the body transforms from anabolic to catabolic phase for production of energy. When proteins are drained off from muscle fibres in response to low glycogen stores during the catabolic phase thus, making protein available for energy production. While in the anabolic phase body boosts the muscle protein synthesis, this occurs when glucose and amino acid stores are in a positive balance. If we talk about the catabolic phase, during this phase the degradation of protein happens rapidly which results in muscle loss or atrophy.

Normally our body stays in the anabolic phase. But after a heavy workout session of a few hours, there will be a slight increase in the catabolic phase. So, a person has to take or choose the right kind of protein to ensure recovery, muscle building and prevent muscle breakdown. By raising the amino acid profile of blood, muscles come out from catabolism phase which leads to adequate recovery and prevents muscle loss. Everyone wants to maximise muscle growth and recovery. So one has to ensure that the day ends with the right category of proteins. Most of the healing process of the body is carried out during the sleeping period as the energy expenditure at this time is the least. Hence, all the essential amino acids are necessary to prevent catabolism of muscle protein and allow synthesis of proteins in the muscles which results in both muscle gain and hypertrophy.

Micellar Casein provides you with all the essential amino acids which are needed to prevent the disintegration of muscles and also helps in maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane. Due to all these factors, Micellar casein is preferred in the night for the recovery process.

Now that we know the importance of micellar casein at night. It’s time you get your sachet of MiCasein for the ultimate recovery of your muscles.

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