Triathlon falls under the category of being a popular, yet tough sport. It includes a combination of swimming, cycling and running. The competitions last for days and require a lot of hard work, dedication and practise to compete or perform well. Triathletes are always in need of energy. Since they have to perform every sport within the stipulated time therefore, triathletes have to maintain their energy levels and cannot afford to compromise on the same.

Triathletes require carbohydrates at every stage, be it pre, during or post-race. Therefore, most of the dietary intake constitutes carbohydrates as compared to proteins and fats. Their diet contains sources of both simple and complex carbohydrates to enhance their energy levels. Triathletes also opt for sports, electrolyte and energy drinks during their races to maximise their performance.

After carefully studying the increasing energy needs of triathletes, Steadfast Nutrition has launched Carborance. It is one of the best energy drink which is not only rich in carbohydrates but also contains essential sweat electrolytes. What makes Carborance unique from other marketed energy drinks is its composition. Carborance contains an ideal blend of simple and complex carbohydrates which not only provide instant energy but also prevents a sudden dip in energy during competition.

Carborance contains four sources of carbohydrates. Presence of two simple carbs - sucrose and fructose that provide instant energy and presence of two complex carbohydrates - maltodextrin and pregelatinized corn starch assists in maintaining these energy levels by a sustained release of carbs. This formulation makes Carborance ideal for triathletes to meet their calorie and fluid requirement. No matter how demanding the sport is, every sip of Carborance provides your body with gradual energy. During a competition, a triathletes' body experiences a lot of physical and mental stress. They often have difficulty in digesting food consumed during the race. Carborance is easy to digest and doesn’t put any extra load on the stomach, thereby preventing indigestion issues like vomiting, nausea and bloating.

Another challenge of triathletes is to maintain the electrolytic balance of the body during competitions. Due to excessive sweating, triathletes tend to lose a lot of electrolytes from the body which can lead to muscle cramping. Carborance comes with the goodness of two sweat electrolytes - sodium and chloride in a balanced ratio. This helps triathletes prevent muscle cramps, lethargy and keeps them mentally alert and focused.

Carborance has a mildly sweet flavour and free from all artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and thickeners. It is a perfect carbohydrate source for triathletes for instant and sustained release of energy which helps them perform for a longer duration. Carborance is a perfect energy drink for athletes who are required to perform for more than two hours. One sachet serving of Carborance provides 95% carbs along with electrolytes. Being low in glycemic index, triathletes can make use of Carborance to satisfy the increased energy demands without losing their glycogen reserves and any abdominal discomfort. Buy energy drink


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