Injuries are common among athletes and can be acute or chronic depending upon the type and intensity of the injury. While playing any sport, injuries are can happen either due to own’s fault or the other players fault. Although, they cannot be foreseen. Certain precautions can help reduce the chances and impact of injuries.

 Causes of Injuries

1. Wrong technique of playing which induces muscle strain

2. Improper warm-up before exercise or while participating in a sport

3. Overexerting the same group of muscles for a long duration of time

4. Lack of proper recovery such as improper sleep or rest before the next practice session

5. Lack of proper nutrition leads to improper recovery of muscles and lack of glycogen makes muscles weak and vulnerable to injuries.

6. Being overweight magnifies the pressure in sports as it puts unnecessary stress on the knees, ankles and joints.

 Types of common injuries:-

Sprains: Tearing of the ligament or over-stretching of the muscle leads to a sprain

Strains: Tearing of tendons results in strains

Knee injuries: Any external or internal injury that interferes with the knee movement

Swollen muscles: Leads to swelling and inflammation

Achilles tendon rupture: It is a tendon at the back of the ankle. When it is ruptured or torn, it leads to severe pain and difficulty in walking.

Fractures: Broken bones.

Rotator cuff injuries: The rotator cuff helps to move the shoulder in all directions and any tear in these four groups of muscles can lead to weakening of the rotator cuff.

 Precautions to be taken by sportsperson:-

1. Learn and use the proper technique or skills

2. Use proper precautionary equipment such as the use of knee pads, ankle pads, wrist bands or use of helmets in case of field sports.

3. Always warm-up before going out to play or exercising.

4. Take ample rest for better recovery of muscles

5. Practising muscle strengthening exercises

6. Keep yourself well hydrated by proper intake of fluids through the day, especially during breaks.

7. Resume or increase the level of physical activity slowly and not all of a sudden to avoid sudden strain or stress.

8. Have carbohydrate -electrolyte-rich drinks between the play and protein carbohydrate-based meals or supplements post play for overall muscle recovery.

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 In the case of mild injuries, RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation ) helps reduce swelling and relief pain. Chronic injuries are treated by the use of medications, physiotherapy and by taking precautionary measures.

In a nutshell, certain injuries are bound to happen and the best that can be done is preparing ourselves to avoid risk or chances of having injuries.

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