What’s the Fuss About the First Meal of the Day - Breakfast

What’s the Fuss About the First Meal of the Day - Breakfast

Dec 09, 2017

You may have probably heard the old saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” The significance of breakfast has long been ignored, mainly due to the obtuse idea to lose weight. Waking up on a chilling winter morning is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, what’s usually done is hitting the snooze button becomes normal and once you realise that you have overslept and are late for work or class, you think that skipping breakfast will be the wisest decision as not doing so, will help save you time! Does that sound familiar to you too? Yes, because that’s what most of us do.

Breakfast means “breaking the fast.” People today are so busy accommodating their daily schedules that they tend to ignore their health. Like the phrase mentioned above, it isn’t necessary that you make a lavish breakfast spread like a king given the hectic schedule, but having a simple meal or two will do wonders for your body. Post dinner, your body doesn’t consume anything which leaves it famished the next morning. So, just a mug of coffee or tea isn’t enough to recharge yourself to get going throughout the day. Breakfast is the source to not only refuel your body to receive enough energy, but also a healthy step towards benefiting your body with improved concentration, enhanced mood, maintained weight and much more.

Making breakfast your foremost priority is just a matter of habit and all you have to dedicate is 10-15 minutes max when you are running late. Moreover, the internet is filled with a series of tips on how you can prepare the easiest yet delicious breakfasts and it is high-time that you start listing your favourites. So, how will the habit of eating breakfast benefit you in the long run? We have a set of reasons that will persuade your inner self to make breakfast your favourite meal:

1. Maintains Weight: Having nutrient dense breakfast helps control your appetite and hunger pangs. Breakfast supplies a major part of calories to your body which helps in avoiding overeating or binge eating in the next meal, improving your satiety level.

2. Elevates Mood: A good breakfast offers all the necessary nutrient that elevates mood by releasing the happy hormones, endorphin. As your body is already in a fasting state at night, breakfast works as a fuel to kick start your system. Balanced sugar and energy levels make the start of a day better and elevates mood throughout the day.

3. Improves Concentration: Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, it helps your brain receive the much required glucose, which eventually helps improve alertness, focus and concentration. Balance your breakfast with protein, good carbs, fat and micronutrients which include antioxidants to get the maximum benefits.

4. Boosts Metabolism: Your body is low in energy when you wake up in the morning. So, breakfast plays a major role to restore the energy level and those who miss it develop chances to go on starvation and eventually accumulate more fat. Therefore, nutrient dense breakfast helps a body boost metabolism for high energy levels.

5. Stables Blood Sugar Levels: Blood sugar levels drop in the morning due to fasting when sleeping at night. A balanced breakfast helps in improving blood sugar levels and start the day with improved energy levels.

Keeping this very thought by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson in mind, we have jotted down a list of healthy and yummy breakfast options that are quick to prepare and can also be enjoyed on the go:

  1. Sunny-side-up/ Scrambled Eggs and Toast: Easiest and the yummiest, sunny-side-up or scrambled eggs with a toast or two is an ideal option to keep you full till your first p.m meal. Ensure that you do not flood your pan with too much oil and keep a minimum amount of butter on your toast so you do not consume unwanted fat content. 
  1. Muesli with Milk: A hearty meal of nutty muesli with cold milk isn’t just the quickest breakfast option, but also a perfect source to give your body the required source of calcium, healthy fats, protein and fibre. To give a fruity punch, you can also add a few pieces of your favourite fruits such as banana, apple, berries, mango and more.
  1. Quinoa with Fruits/Vegetables: Take a bowl, slice down fruits such as strawberries, green apples, bananas, blueberries, mangoes or any fruit of your choice and spice up the bowl with a scoop of quinoa. You can also add a dressing of lime or honey before tossing this protein-rich fruity breakfast treat.
  1. Pancakes: This all-time favourite dish of the Americans is loved by people across the globe and is super fun to prepare. Not just are pancakes your delicious morning treats, but also a complete package of protein, carbohydrates, calcium and other micronutrients.
  1. Smoothies: A glass of smoothie can basically be of anything, fruits or vegetables with daily items like yogurt, milk or soy milk. Also a perfect source of protein with vitamins and good fat, you can add nuts of your choice and also prepare a smoothie before sleep so you can grab it in the morning and have on the go!
  1. Vegetable Sandwich: A plate of colourful sandwich packed with the goodness of easily available vegetables like carrots, beans, broccoli, mashed potatoes, onions and tomatoes are quick to prepare and lived by all. The mixture can be prepared at night too so you need not worry about running late the next morning.
  1. Avocado with Toast: Avocados have taken every health enthusiast and foodie by storm for their fine taste and nutritious values. You can also add eggs to the mixture of avocado and enjoy it with a toast.
  1. Peanut Butter Banana Sandwich: Get your macros with this divine tasting sandwich filled with best peanut butter on bread, topped with slices of bananas. Pack it for your office or bite into every side while on your way, the sandwich is positive vibes! Buy Peanut Butter Online

While these breakfast options are easy to prepare and enjoyed worldwide, Indians are known for their love for spicy food any time of the day. Be it breakfast, lunch or snacks, the amount of spiciness in a dish accounts for the level of consumption by one person on a table. Moreover, India is a land of various cultures who each boast of their unique and rich varieties of traditions, foods and arts. This very fact concludes that there are numerous options out there for you to experiment and enjoy for breakfast including the all-time favourite stuffed paranthas, spiced flattened rice (poha), upma, Wheat porridge (dalia), besan chilla, idli, dosa and spicy potato sandwich. 

So, what’s your pick for breakfast tomorrow?