Losing weight effectively gives you an immense amount of pleasure and is a great accomplishment on its own. Why? It is because many obese individuals are not able to successfully complete the journey of weight loss. Although, those who accomplish their goals, come across another challenge which is equally challenging i.e. maintaining their fitness levels and desired body composition.

Below are a few tips which can help you maintain the desired weight with ease:-

1) What you eat is a lifestyle change

Mindful eating is an art which comes with practice and helps inculcate good eating habits, also how to include foods in the right proportion. Once you learn this art, choosing to eat the right kind of food is no more an effort, in-fact becomes an instinct.

This is something which you have to sustain to maintain your set health goals. Hence, you need to maintain a balanced diet and occasionally you may include junk food, but in small quantities, keeping in mind your day’s calorie count.

2) Exercise is always essential

It is not that once you have lost that extra weight, now you are free to get back to your lazy routine. How does it help to maintain weight? Exercise is needed to keep your metabolism going, helps you burn those extra calories coming form food, maintain your appetite and hormone levels.

3) Sleep is vital for health

When we try to lose weight or maintain, our main focus stays on diet and exercise, usually due to a busy schedule we tend to neglect our sleeping pattern. However, having a good sleep pattern has a profound impact on our health parameters, as it helps with recovery, reduces stress levels and improves our energy levels. So, sleep well to maintain well!

4) Monitoring weight

Weight is one of the parameters which helps us keep in track, but it is not the only parameter. We often see weight fluctuations on a daily basis, could be due to time of the day, constipation, lack of sleep, etc. However, a gain of up to one kg can be because of certain factors but if you are gaining more, then you might need to get back on track.

5) Gut and mental health are crucial

Be it your immunity, physical or mental wellbeing, it majorly depends upon your gut health. What you feed your gut, nurtures you and provides you with those nutrients. Also, the majority of the immune cells are synthesised by your gut, so a good gut strengthens your immunity and prevents you from infections. Moreover, your brain health also gets affected via the Gut-Brain axis as it helps regulate hormones. Exercising your mind by meditating, helps relieve stress and in turn, encourages better wellbeing.

To conclude, maintaining good health and weight status is the actual battle and demands effort. So, an active lifestyle which includes following a well-balanced diet, eating in controlled portions, exercising, sleeping well, monitoring weight, will help sustain long term results.



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