Ways to build a stronger core


Sep 30, 2020

The centre of our body comprises the core, which includes abs, hips, back and chest. It maintains the balance of your body with allowing a proper functionality of the same. Core exercises help train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together. Core lets us perform from the basic to intrinsic activities throughout the day, be it hitting a ball or mopping the floor. A motion originates from one point in the body that drifts to different parts; it is only with a good reflex action that our arms and legs function in their best capacity. 

Helps Improve Balance 

Our core is known to stabilise the body, aligning it to move in any direction or standing firmly on a spot without losing our balance. This makes it easier for one to live a better life with less risk of falling and hurting yourselves. Also, minimises strain on your muscles and joints.

Eliminates Back Pain

If your body is aligned and upright, you are more likely to eliminate back pain from your life. Core supports the entire body with special reference to the neck and back. Some problems in the core can make your back work harder than usual to support the structure of the body. Back pain can be excruciating for one to suffer so practising core exercises daily can be a great idea.

Upright Posture

A good posture is not just better to look at but also a sign of a healthy body. It makes the wear and tear on the spine muscles better by allowing one to breathe deeply letting oxygen travel through your muscles easily. 

Get best out of Your Physical Activities

Core exercises are a part of fitness programs as it enhances the outcome of any physical activity. It involves games like golfing, tennis or other racquet sports, biking, running, swimming, baseball, volleyball, kayaking, rowing, etc.

So what we understand here is that core does plan an amazing role in our day to day activities be it picking something from the ground, sitting in a chair and even bathing or dressing up for that matter. Get going with becoming a spectacular version of yourself by pumping up your core.

It’s time to get to the core!