Are you struggling to loose belly fat ?  It's time to get your vitamin D levels checked ,as lack of vitamin D may lead to stubborn weight loss issues or even weight gain. What you already know is it helps in maintaining strong bones and building immunity. But recently, studies have shown that a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) and fat percentage are associated with lower levels of vitamin D. Also, weight loss may lead to increase in serum vitamin D levels.

Possible reasons for lower 25D concentration in obese :-

Lower intake of vitamin D :- Vitamin D is present in limited food sources and if the consumption is less than it doesn’t match up to the needed requirement.

Reduced intestinal absorption :- Hypovitaminosis is seen in bariatric or gastric bypass procedures , where malabsorption could lead to insufficient absorption.

Altered metabolism :- Studies have shown that 1,25 D concentrations tend to be lower in obese individuals, as 25-hydroxylation and 1 alpha hydroxylation is impaired in obesity and an in vitro studies suggest 1,25D inhibits adipogenesis.

Stedfast Vitamin D3

How does it aid in weight loss?

A major health issue associated with Vitamin D is the growing rate of obesity and demands attention as leads to health complications such as diabetes, hypertension , and  metabolic syndrome.

Vitamin D is responsible for many biological responses such as immune system, cell maturation, inhibition of cell proliferation and possibly colonic, breast and prostate cancer.

Many studies have predicted following reasons:-

  • It may potentially work in reducing fat accumulation.
  • Higher levels of vitaminD is associated with increase in serotonin , which positively affects your mood and may help avoid stress eating.
  • Body fat content is inversely related to serum 25D concentration. Increased parathyroid hormone levels in vitamin D deficiency can increase adiposity by promoting lipogenesis as it plays an essential role in leptin depletion , responsible for increased appetite in individuals.

In a study by khosravi et al, 2018, after using vitamin D supplementation of 50,000 IU for 6 weeks, weight, waist circumference , and  hip circumference decreased.

Therefore, having vitamin D capsules has become necessary . But supplementation is not the “one size fits all” approach ,as the dosage depends upon body weight and serum levels. If your dietary intake of vitamin D sources is less or if you re at risk of having deficiency , it is important to have supplements.

Thus, adequate intake of vitamin D can help keep your hormones in check and enhance weight loss by decrease in body fat. Buy Vitamin D.


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