Nov 21, 2020

Winter is one of the best times of the year that provides many ways to increase the metabolism. It's time to relish nutritious foods and stay healthy by including the following foods:- 

1. Bajra - It is nutritionally rich in B vitamin, protein and fibre. Many ways to include it in the diet as bhakri, khichdi, chapati, thalipeeth, etc. The nutrients help promote muscle gain and boost hair growth. 

2. Goond - A great source of dietary fibre, potassium, calcium while being low in saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium. It can be eaten as laddoo or roasted in ghee with some sprinkled sugar. It is great for our bones, and digestive health also may improve sex drive. 

3. Green Leafy Vegetables - Low on calories and high in nutrients. Example Palak, methi, sarson, bathua, etc. It can be included in the form of sabzi, mixed in parathas or added to dals.

4. Tuber Vegetables - These are good for gut health. Example Kanda, colocasia, sweet potatoes which can be included as tikkis, sabzis, undhiyu and chaat.

5. Seasonal Fruits - Fruits are rich in micronutrients and fibre, and can also help with hydration of the skin. Include seasonal winter fruits like apricots, apples and plums.

6. Til Seeds -  It is rich in calcium, antioxidant Vit E and great for bones, skin and hair. It can be eaten as chikki, ladoo, chutney, seasoning or can be mixed with flour as well.

7. Peanuts - They are a great source of energy and nutrients, rich in vitamin B, amino acids, Vitamin E and polyphenols. Have them boiled or roasted, turn them into a chutney, use them for seasoning salads & sabzis. 

8. Ghee - Get the dose of good fat with cooking your dishes in ghee, or add ghee to dals, bhakri, rotis. It helps with the assimilation of nutrients.

9. White Butter - Homemade freshly churned white butter not just tastes wonderful, but can also be added to saags, dals & rotis in the winter season. It helps with joint lubrication, skin hydration, bone health, and reduces gas.

10. Kulith - Horse gram dal is a superfood for overall health. It is provided with B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It can be included in our diet in many ways like parathas, dal stew, dal, etc. It helps prevent kidney stones, reduces bloating, a good source of protein, fibre & micro-nutrients.