The Power of PowerMixer!

The Power of PowerMixer!

Fitness fanatics are surrounded with a plethora of supplements and diet charts that are designed to help them achieve their goal. The industry is constantly eager to introduce them with innovative and user-friendly accessories and one such accessory that has been trending is the “Shaker”. Affordable and portable, the ‘shaker’ is the new best friend and can be seen in every duffle bags and meal bags today. Moreover, the accessory has won the hearts of not just gym goers and fitness enthusiasts, but also the general public who are comfortable carrying their meals to office, tours and other such destinations.

If you ask about the advantages of a shaker bottle, there are numerous! PowerMixer is a cherry on top because it is a battery operated shaker designed to maximise the quality and pleasure of preparing a nutritional meal. You can ensure to maintain not just quality, but also hygiene of the food. Unlike mixers where a person requires to first blend ingredients before transferring them to a container, or shakers that are time consuming and increase the risks to spill, PowerMixer is one of a kind. All that you require doing is pour the ingredients in required quantity (you can measure the same following the measurement scale), press the button ON, watch the ingredients blend till the ideal result, open the mouthpiece and enjoy your drink like never before!

PowerMixer is your ideal partner when it comes to mixing just everything (of course not ice and hard food substances!). The 600 ml battery operated mixer can assist you in preparing a number of powdered mixes, with the common ones being:

  1. Supplements: To get the perfect blend of any powered supplement like Power Protein, Carborance, MiCasein and Tri Fibre; you can make the best use of PowerMixer. Add the powder to your desired base and get them blending to take pleasure of every sip when at the gym, training ground, at work or even while traveling.
  2. Lemonade: Beat the scorching heat with a refreshing ‘Flask’ of lemonade! In fact, why not impress your guests with a little entertainment and hygienic approach as you prepare some amazing lemonade for them using PowerMixer? (Not to add ice into the mixer)
  3. Coffee: You can now make a perfect mug of cold coffee with PowerMixer and sip it on your way to work without the fear of spilling. Add the ingredients in the desired amount and blend them between your sips to savour the deliciousness of coffee till the last drop!
  4. Baby Foods: Preparing your child’s meal is a task, especially when you are on vacations, family get-togethers or maybe parties, and you cannot deny this fact! But with PowerMixer, this task will turn into a fun and super convenient activity. Moreover, you can always carry the food anywhere and store the remaining in case your child declares he is full with a burp!

So, what are you waiting for? Place an order for the latest protein shaker ‘PowerMixer’ and introduce yourself to a world of fun, hygienic and convenient food accessory that promises to enhance the taste of your shakes, smoothies and much more!

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