Steadfast Athlete Archana Chauhan is the winner of this year’s Powerlifting Deadlift Championship, which took place as a part of the continent’s largest health and fitness festival- the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival, in Pragati Maidan, Delhi, from June 17 to 19. After back-to-back gold medals in 2017 and 2018, this is the third time that Archana has won the deadlift championship at the prestigious event. The powerlifter  also won the gold at the fitness strength championship at the Sheru Classic 2021. 

This year, in addition to the Deadlift Championship, Archana also took part in the Strongman Championship, which featured four separate events. She participated in three of these, and emerged victorious in each. The Steadfast Athlete took home the gold in the front hammer hold, silver in the monster dumbell lift, and bronze in the women's bench press.

The Steadfast Athlete will surely inspire many through her story of her journey to the top of her game at the IHFF 2022. She exercises for over four hours every day or even more at the time when competitions are coming up. Along with her vigorous training, Archana also follows a really strict diet plan. She understands the true value of nutrition in the life of an athlete, and that’s why she only uses premium supplements by Steadfast Nutrition. Even for her preparations, Archana heavily relied on Steadfast products, and she also thanked the brand for observing her potential and assisting her with world-class supplements. 

She said, "Steadfast Products give me a competitive edge; they help me train harder, recover faster, sleep better, and enable me to push my limits every day. I am a big fan of all Steadfast Products, especially Power Protein. It’s my saviour. In addition to offering 29.4 g of protein per serving, Power Protein also provides quick post-workout recovery. Another Steadfast product, Playstead, came in handy during my workouts. It is possibly the best pre-workout. The nutritionists at Steadfast were also a great source of guidance"

Archana, who is also a passionate portrait artist, has demonstrated over the years that it doesn't really matter whether or not people around you believe in you if your belief in yourself is strong enough. The powerlifter didn't receive any support from her family during the early years of her career since they were unfamiliar with the sport and found it difficult to accept that a woman could aspire to take it up as a career. The athlete also experienced severe financial problems as a result of the lack of assistance from her family. She took on odd jobs and began teaching, but made sure she could follow her dream of becoming a world champion powerlifter. 

During her speech after the event, Archana shared her success mantra with aspiring powerlifters. She highlighted the importance of both a good coach and moral support from one’s family. The Steadfast Athlete also expressed how good she feels about young Indian girls taking more interest than ever in powerlifting. 

Commenting on Archana’s incredible feat, Steadfast Nutrition founder, Aman Puri, said, "Archana Chauhan is one fine example  of those who refused to quit because of a lack of social support. This journey of our athlete is an inspiring story for all young girls aspiring to become champion powerlifters. Steadfast is extremely proud of Archana and we hope she keeps up the excellent work and helps India shine brighter."

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