Jul 24, 2019

For the past few months, Team Steadfast was all immersed in the preparations for Asia’s top-level fitness expo, IHFF. Steadfastians walked into the contest geared up with enthusiasm and the will to conquer it all. The pressure of representing the best of the fraternity was high with oodles of responsibility. This event was a testing ground for our vast range of products, as this was the time when people from across the country would come under one roof and taste all Steadfast Nutrition products.

IHFF was a three-day gala event, with a huge gathering of hall-packed with fitness enthusiasts. The venture was a success with enthusiasts participating in the activities and taste campaign by Steadfast Nutrition. We had our 5 champion athletes- Madhupriya Jha, Sumeet Thapa, Shreya Gogoidas, Dr. Mridula Saikia and Sammrat Choudhary participating in different categories, out of which 4 of them became winners. The total medal tally for Steadfast Nutrition family comprises of 2 Gold medals, 1 Silver medal and 1 Bronze. Also, our athlete Dr. Mridula Saikia won the Pro Card adding the cherry to our winning glory.    

Our athletes were pumped up for the event as they had been training hard for the event backed by Steadfast Nutrition’s strength. They were all praise for the products. They said the products helped them get into shape the right way. There are numerous struggles for athletes from different sports, so it is important to consume nutrition designed according to their needs. Our athletes victory is a clear projection of how our products are crafted in the best of compositions.  We are proud of our SN athletes for their achievements, ultimately making Steadfast Nutrition a winner.

The event was a dream come true as the team had put their best foot forward for the final win. Be it participants or the organisers, they were all mesmerised by the vivacity at the SN stall. The aura at the SN premise itself was something that welcomed all with a smile on their face. The shinning white and blue colour of the stall looked both different and alluring, which was distinct from the other stalls dominated by darker themes. At the tasting counter, people could taste the richness of our products along with being enriched with the knowledge about each product by our knowledgeable nutritionists.

Our activity corner was lively as there were queues of full participants. All  visitors wanted to compete for the amazing SN goodies. IHFF participants were excited about the wide range of products and how the organisation strives to deliever the best to its consumers.

We were highly praised by the well known personalities from the bodybuilding industry like Mr. Sheru Aangrish, Ms. Annabel DaSilva, Mr. Puneet Sandhu, Ms. Olly Esse and many more.

We look forward to many more fulfilling events with an even greater number of medals for the Steadfast Family!