Steadfast athletes win coveted IFBB pro cards at IHFF 2021

Steadfast athletes win coveted IFBB pro cards at IHFF 2021

Steadfast Athletes showed their supremacy at India’s biggest bodybuilding championships of 2021- The Amateur Olympia and the Sheru Classic Model Hunt held in Mumbai from December 3-5. Dakini Sellamuthu and Jyoti Gupta won the prestigious International Federation of Body Buildings (IFBB) pro cards at the Amateur Olympia, organised at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival. Winning an IFBB pro card is the dream of every bodybuilding athlete and is considered a major sporting feat since it gives athletes a chance to compete in international pro league championships. Bikini bodybuilding sponsors are rare to find; Steadfast Nutrition has ensured that it supports this group of women who are resolute about pursuing their passion. Steadfast presented both the championships at the IHFF.

Dakini also emerged as the overall bikini champion. Jyoti Gupta was the only athlete to get a podium finish in two events. She clinched the gold in the Amateur Olympia and won the silver in the Sheru Classic Model Hunt. Surbhi Jaiswar scooped the gold in the bikini category at the Sheru Classic Model Hunt. She followed it up with a silver in the Amateur Olympia. The overall medal tally stood at three golds and two silver medals. 

Steadfast awarded Dakini and Jyoti prize money for winning the pro card. The company also gifted Surbhi a cash prize for winning the gold medal.

Bikini bodybuilding has stringent criteria for leanness and muscle size. Preparation for the event thus involves a lot of hard work and dedication. Fuelled by Steadfast Nutrition, the athletes had been training hard for months. All of them attributed their tremendous form to Steadfast’s nutritional supplements. Their performance at IHFF 2021 is another feather in the cap for Steadfast Nutrition, which has powered countless athletes to medal-winning performances since its launch in 2017. It is also a shining example of the value of the right nutrition to achieve the perfect physique.

Other Steadfast Athletes who competed in the event included former Miss Karnataka Priya Shah; champion bodybuilding athlete Annu Doley; NPC North India Bronze medallist Shikha Thapa; popular bodybuilding coach Pawan Jatwa; and 2019 Sheru Classic gold medalist Nandini Lal.

The Steadfast Athletes competed in various categories, including Bikini Bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, Women’s Figure, and Men’s Physique. The other categories at the Amateur Olympia included Men’s Bodybuilding, Women’s physique, Women’s Fitness, and Women’s wellness. Winners were awarded three pro cards for each division with a total of 24 IFBB Pro Cards. The Sheru Classic had two categories: Bikini Model Hunt and Men’s Classic Physique. 

Also in attendance were celebrated Steadfast Athletes Dr Rita Jairath, an IFBB pro-league international judge; champion bodybuilder Rohit Shetty; international bodybuilder Sumeet Thapa; IFBB pro cardholder Dr Mridula Saikia; renowned bikini athletes Tapasya Solanki and Shreya Das; celebrity trainer Sameer Jaura; famous model Kabir Bhartiya and popular singer Purvi Mundada.

IHFF 2021 was a milestone event that brought together the leaders of the fitness world and countless fitness enthusiasts under the roof of Mumbai’s Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre. The endeavour was a smashing success, with athletes from all around the globe taking part in the two championships at the festival. Steadfast once again stood out tall and strong, living up to its maxim of ‘For Athletes, By Athletes.’ 


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