Steadfast Athlete Surbhi Jaiswar picked her second gold in two months at the Sheru Classic Model Hunt held as a part of the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF) in Mumbai from December 3-5. The 23-year-old had earlier clinched the gold at the National Physique Alliance’s North India Body Building and Physique championship in November. Surbhi also scooped the silver medal at the prestigious Amateur Olympia, India’s largest bodybuilding event held simultaneously with the Sheru Classic at the IHFF.  The bikini athlete is one of the few athletes to get a podium finish in more than one championship at the mega event, considered Asia’s largest health and fitness festival.  

Surbhi participated in the women’s bikini division,  a category for competitors with the least amount of muscle mass. Athletes are judged on various parameters, including leanness,  athletic physique, beauty, and presence on stage- all these wearing stilettos.  Since the Women’s Bikini division generally has the highest number of participants,  Surbhi  worked dauntlessly to strengthen her chances for the mega event. She was on a 400-calorie a day diet that had no carbs at all and still managed to perform cardio exercises for more than four hours every day. To meet her daily nutritional requirements, the athlete  relied on Steadfast Nutrition products, with Warmax and Power Protein being her favourites.

Surbhi, who has always praised Steadfast for backing her, said the company had a crucial contribution in her win- from helping her financially to taking care of her nutritional requirements.

“The role of supplements in the perpetration of bodybuilding competitions is immense; Steadfast provided me with premium quality supplements which helped me achieve this feat. The company didn’t just take care of my diet, but also helped me financially. From registration to travel and accommodation, Steadfast took care of everything on its own, so that I could keep 100% of my focus on the competition. It truly is an ideal organization, and I feel proud to be a steadfast athlete,” Surbhi said.

A medal in both the major events of the IHFF is a milestone achievement for any athlete. Steadfast athlete Surbhi worked so hard that she reached a state of mind from which victory seemed inevitable. She even said that the results came positive for her only because she chose not to compromise at all, giving her 101%.

Mr Aman Puri, founder, Steadfast Nutrition, lauded the 23-year-old’s achievements and said the organisation would continue to support her.

Commenting on Surbhi’s winning streak, he said, "With gold at the NPC North India in the last month and two medal-winning performances at the IHFF, Surbhi Jaiswar is certainly claiming 2021 to be her year. She is one of Steadfast’s top bikini athletes. Her performance would surely be an example for the women of our country, encouraging them to participate in sports. Steadfast wishes her all the best for all upcoming events. The organisation will continue to support her. " 

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