Steadfast Athlete Stephen Kosgei wins Pokhara International Marathon 2023

Steadfast Athlete Stephen Kosgei wins Pokhara International Marathon 2023

Apr 06, 2023

Steadfast athlete Stephen Kosgei proved his mettle yet again, reclaiming the first position at the Safal Pokhara Marathon held in February 2023. The long-distance marathon runner covered a distance of 42.195 km proving once again that he is a highly accomplished athlete who has made a significant contribution to the world of long-distance running. 

In 2022, Stephen bagged a gold at the Safal Pokhara International marathon. The ace athlete, well-known for his endurance, speed, and ability to perform well under pressure, won the gold at the Porto marathon in Brazil the same year.

Talking about his preparation for the championship and the sacrifices made during the prep time, Stephen said, “After winning Pokhara 2022, I was familiar with the course. However, racing in Pokhara is challenging because the course is hard and the temperature is low. I made a lot of sacrifices. Every day I had to wake up early to allow my body to adapt to the cold temperature. I did hill training twice a week.” 

The Steadfast Athlete is happy with his feat and says he did his best to win the race.

“As a defending champion I was happy. We were six Kenyans. I did my best to win the race. Being a proud Steadfast athlete, I was running on behalf of team Steadfast and wanted to feel the glory of my success,” Stephen said.

Stephen celebrates each win by looking back in time, celebrating the effort and the time invested in training.

He was interested in running since childhood and started training after school but couldn’t get into strenuous or vigorous training due to other roles and responsibilities.

The road to becoming an international athlete was not easy. The most challenging struggle he ever faced was the lack of training facilities. Injury during training was another barrier he had to dodge.

This Steadfast Athlete’s mantra is to keep going.

“The reason I keep going is that I want to become a world champion in running,” said Stephen.” 

This ace runner has been a part of Steadfast Nutrition since 2019.

He says Steadfast has helped him during his training by fuelling his athletic journey with its top-notch range of supplements and providing financial support when required. The organisation also assured a smooth training course, providing him running shoes, athleisure and much more. 

Stephen uses Steadfast Nutrition’s Multivitamin and the energy supplements Carborance and Snergy for his preparation.

His source of encouragement is Steadfast Nutrition founder Aman Puri.

“Steadfast founder and director Mr Aman Puri is my source of encouragement. He made me overcome several challenges by providing training support through Steadfast Nutrition,” says the Steadfast Athlete.

This 36-year-old is an inspiration to youth. He says the most important attributes for becoming a successful runner are discipline and patience in training. 

His advice to young people who want to start a career running is to train hard. “Running is a career and you have to work on it,” says Stephen.

Stephen comes out as a winner time and again. His ultimate goal as an elite athlete is to run a marathon on a faster course. Full of winning attitude, Stephen wants to be ranked among the top 10 international marathon runners before 2024. Steadfast honours his winning mindset and is happy to fuel his journey with its range of high-quality supplements.