Pratik Bhakat hails from Jharkhand, he is an under-19 player who aims to play first-class cricket in future. This young player is an example for many who have the dream of playing for the country. Steadfast Nutrition diligently takes care of his daily recovery and all nutritional needs that eventually helps him recover fast and give his best on the field. He even urges people to stay active and have the best of nutrition in their lives with Steadfast. 
 His favourite is the Active BCAA that enhances the inner capabilities giving him the opportunity of excelling in each of his games. Pratik next aims at the Under-23 and Ranji Trophy in upcoming years and Steadfast strength assures him the best of performance. During long-duration matches or training, Active BCAA reduces muscle fatigue, muscle breakdown and acts as an intramuscular fuel when glucose or glycogen levels start depleting from the body.
He says, “Get your Steadfast sachets now! For some exciting and healthy stuff to fuel yourself after your routine.” 
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