Steadfast athletes swept the 18th MTB (Mountain Terrain Bike) National Championship held at Alandi-Pune from October 29-31. The highlight of the event was the incredible performance by Steadfast Athlete Pranita Soman, who emerged victorious in all the three categories in which she participated. Pranita, who won the Best Cyclist (Female), showed her mettle in the Individual Time Trial (Women’s Elite), Elite Women’s Cross Country Olympic event, and Mixed Team Relay, in which she shared the first position with Steadfast athlete Priyanka Karande. The 21-year-old, who had also bagged the Best Cyclist Award in the last edition organised by Karnataka, once again proved that age is just a number. 

Pranita comfortably won the Individual Time Trial competition- held on October 29- with no signs of burnout. She covered the race- which lasted three hours- at a constant speed of 15.83 km. Her rigour for racing did not end here- the very next day she participated in the Mixed Team Relay event. 

Like a true champion, Pranita preserved her best for perhaps one of the toughest, yet most productive championships of her life so far. 

Last but not the least was the XCO Cross Country Race held on October 31). Pranita comfortably won, maintaining a speed of 20.12 km throughout the six laps. No other cyclist had participated in back-to-back categories, which eventually made a big difference.

In the first phase, she faced tough competition from rivals but she never lost her cool while maintaining the same speed throughout. Eventually, she begged gold barring all obstacles that speak volumes about her perseverance. It was her upbeat performance that earned her the title of the best female rider, which itself is a huge achievement. 

Pranita Soman’s stellar performance at the MTB Pune is not a fluke as she has been actively participating in all major cycling events. 

Steadfast founder Mr Aman Puri was ecstatic about her golden run. Mr Puri, who has himself been a mountain biker and athlete, understands the nutritional requirements of athletes. He has motivated many like Ms. Pranita Soman to compete in major cycling events.

The event ended with a presentation- Pranita Soman was honoured for her win; her face mirrored her self-belief. It was a proud moment for the Steadfast family. The crowd finally had a chance to hear from the champion athlete. Asked about Steadfast Nutrition’s role in her success, Pranita said that Steadfast supplements were the core reason behind her dream form. In this way, the event was concluded. 

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