I am Neha Tanwar, an international cricketer playing for the Indian Women's National cricket team. I was born in a middle-class family in Naraina Village, New Delhi. My father works for the government of India while my mother was a homemaker. I was raised in a joint family with growing up among uncles, aunts and a lot of cousins. I did my schooling from New Delhi. I was interested in sports and wanted to pursue my higher education from Delhi University under sports quota. I applied and went for the trials and by mistake gave my trial for the cricket team. Fortunately, I got admitted to the programme of my choice and started training at the college. I was interested in sports and cricket was a great opportunity for me. From then on there was no looking back. I have played at all the levels be it state, national or international. I still remember the day I played my debut matches. Being an international athlete has changed my perspective on life. Being fit and in shape is one of my top priorities to this day. I always try to work out and keep fit. It has been a long long journey and having come this far gets me motivated to work even harder. Having my family by my side and their support is in itself a boost to my morale. I will keep working harder and a brand like Steadfast Nutrition has helped me a lot. Steadfast Nutrition has a wide variety of products including a range of multi-vitamins, omega 3, and other amazing supplements. These supplements come with a guarantee of no adulteration. The product that stood out for me and became my personal favourite is 'Incredible Isolate Protein,' a fast releasing whey protein isolate. This uptake of amino acids prevents muscles from getting further damaged and stimulates new muscle synthesis. Incredible Isolate is a unique way to replenish lost stores and provide necessary nutrients to the body for recovery and regain strength. It is packed in quantities for single-use sachets that really helps. The people at Steadfast Nutrition know about the needs and demand of athletes, so every product is a great example of that.

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