Steadfast Athlete Nandini Raj won the pro card in the Women’s Physique category at the Amateur Olympia held on October 30, against all odds. Nandini spoke about losing her father just two days before the show. She credits hard work and Steadfast supplements as the factors behind her incredible performance in the championship. A pro card by the International Federation for bodybuilding and fitness (IFBB) is coveted by all amateur athletes since it gives them a ticket to professional or pro league championships, where they can earn good prize money and endorsements.

"The heart-wrenching news of the death of my biggest cheerleader and supporter- my father two days before the show made the journey difficult for me. It’s been a three-year-long journey as a Steadfast Athlete. The unconditional support they offer and their premium range of nutrition is unmatchable. They sent me stacks on time and motivated me through difficult times.” Nandini said. 

Her favourite supplements are Incredible Isolate (Isolate Protein) and Incredible Whey (Coffee), which help in muscle strength and in muscle recovery. The bonus, she says, are the single-serving scoopless sachets which are easy to carry everywhere. 

“The journey to get to the Amateur Olympia stage and winning a pro card takes a lot of effort, training, willpower, and- most importantly- premium nutritional supplements. Steadfast was my saviour. My favourites include Incredible Isolate and Incredible Whey (Coffee), which helped me in muscle recovery after hours of intense training. The lip-smacking Incredible Whey (Coffee) is my go-to product. I love its taste. The single-serving sachets are easy to carry, so one is travelling, you never miss out on nutrition.”

Nandini was runner-up at the Amateur Olympia in 2021. 

She spoke about her struggles as a woman and said Indian women should not bother about being judged by people, but give their blood and sweat to fulfil their dreams.

“It's difficult for Indian women to enter this sport and when you become a mother, the difficulty increases. No one supports this as it demands stepping on stage wearing a bikini. My in-laws didn’t like it, but my support system- my husband, never gave up on me and my dreams. My message to every Indian woman is, ‘If you love this sport, then give your blood, sweat, and tears without paying heed to judgements’.”

Nandini’s pillars of strength are her mother, her husband, and her mentor, Siddhant Jaiswal. 

“The pillars of my life are my mother and my husband, who never give up on me even when I hit rock bottom. My coach and mentor, Siddhant Jaiswal pushed me throughout this journey. He never lost faith in me and is a big part of my win. 

The Steadfast Athlete’s message to aspiring bikini athletes is not to get bogged down by negativity and have a never say die attitude. 

“It’s a mind game. If you start this journey, do not be a quitter and work tirelessly until you make it to the end. Never get bothered by negative things, and move forward with a positive attitude. If you quit your dream, it was never yours. And being a female athlete, the need of the hour is to become iron-willed to ace the sport. “

Nandini Raj is now focusing on competing and winning a pro show next year. Her ultimate aim is to step on the Mr Olympia stage. She is bucking up to make it to the podium. Steadfast celebrates her winning mindset and is delighted to power her journey with its range of high-quality supplements. Check Complete Range of Whey Protein.

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