Media person and Steadfast Athlete Harleen Kaur made her first appearance in a bikini competition at the International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival held in June in New Delhi. Harleen participated in the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers, which is India’s largest bodybuilding championship, and performed exceptionally well, considering that it was her first time. Hailing from New Delhi, Hazel has always been highly passionate about fitness. One of her deepest desires has been to hone her physique to perfection to be able to participate in related competitive sports. It was this dream of hers that turned her from a normal fitness enthusiast to an aspiring bikini bodybuilding athlete and brought her to the IHFF. Though unable to clinch a medal at the event, the way Harleen gained muscle in just five months at the age of 37 is remarkable. The level of physique Harleen displayed at the event, and the kind of performance she delivered was far better than what one would expect from a newcomer.

Six months ago, the Steadfast Athlete didn’t have any clue about bikini physiques or bodybuilding events. On an impulse, she decided to challenge herself by participating in the country’s toughest bodybuilding event, the Sheru Classic. Her preparations began when only 20 weeks were left for the IHFF to commence. She shifted to Mohali for better training and immersed herself in preparation. She had distanced herself from friends and family and was working very hard with true dedication. As a result she could completely transform her normal-looking physique into that of a champion bodybuilder. The bikini athlete was training hard at the gym and taking premium sports supplements from Steadfast Nutrition.

The 37-year-old aims to qualify for International Pro League Qualifiers and didn’t leave any stone unturned to win a Pro Card in her very first attempt. Explaining why she chose Steadfast Nutrition, Harleen said that it should be the default choice for all aspiring bikini athletes. 

"If we go check the number of champion bikini athletes who identify Steadfast Nutrition as a contributor to their success, the list is endless. Most of them are leading bikini bodybuilding in India. These are some strong facts that made choosing Steadfast really easy for me. In my opinion, Steadfast Nutrition should be the default choice of all aspiring bikini athletes”, said Harleen. 

Speaking about the supplements she took, Harleen said, "Steadfast products played a pivotal role in shaping me into a bikini athlete. Each product that I used was important for my health. The Steadfast wellness kit provided me with all the necessary vitamins and minerals and allowed my organs to function well. Incredible Whey Isolate helped me fulfil my daily protein requirements and allowed my muscles to grow, Peanut Butter was a breakfast essential, and Power Glutamine acted as a shield for my muscles, protecting them from damage. I also used CollaStead, which took care of my bones and skin.”

Harleen is not one of those who easily give up, she’s one tough woman. Even though her dream of winning her first bikini competition was dashed, the Steadfast Athlete did not break and instead, set new goals for herself. She is now aiming to win a pro card at the Amateur Olympia, which will take place in October. She has resumed her preparations with full gusto. 

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