I am Chirag Sen, currently training at Prakash Padukone Academy in Bangalore. Started my badminton career when I was just 5 years old as my grandfather used to play badminton, also as my father is a badminton coach. Being into sports for generations we even as kids were always taught the importance of quality nutrition. I am aiming to get into the World Top 30 badminton players, and also to win Super 100, Super 300 and Super 500 titles in future.
My favourite Steadfast product is Active BCAA as it helps me to recover from my training session and prepares me to perform my best at each of my games. It reduces fatigue and soreness in my body even after a long day of a tiring game. As we know, Active BCAA is excellent for fighting against infections, inflammation and protecting our body from foreign pathogens as it provides glutamine necessary for the synthesis of immune cells.
Steadfast keeps my energy levels high with a constant dose of each crucial nutrient for wellbeing.

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