Feb 05, 2022

Steadfast Athlete Arshia Goswami can lift twice her bodyweight! The six-year-old has entered the India Book of Records 2022 for being the country’s ‘Youngest Deadlifter’. Arshia, who weighs 22 kgs, was able to deadlift 45 kg like a pro at the age of 6 years, 11 months, and 27 days, as confirmed on December 28, 2021. The India Book of Records is recognised by the Government of India.

The title was presented to Arshia after an extensive investigation of the claim made by her. The young girl, who is only 4-feet tall,  has been lifting heavy weights for more than a year. Last year, when she joined Steadfast Nutrition, she became the youngest sponsored athlete in the country. Steadfast Nutrition has been working  relentlessly to transform the sports scene in India. The organisation looks for various talented athletes across the the country,  providing  them with premium-quality nutrition, fitness gear, and the guidance to bring out their best.

The petite youngster has proven that one doesn’t have to be bulky and butch in order to be powerful.

Appreciating Arshia’s feat, founder of Steadfast Nutrition, Mr Aman Puri, said, "It is difficult to express in words how good it feels when young children  set such great examples. Arshia is  an exception. The dedication with which she prepares herself is rare  in kids her age. Steadfast Nutrition will keep supporting her, hoping she achieves all her dreams. "

Arshia  trains for more than four  hours every  day and can easily lift 20 kg in clean and jerk.  She can even perform a 12 kg snatch and a squat of 35 kg. The major factor behind Arshia’s excellence in sports is the encouragement she receives from her parents. "Lifting weights makes me feel happy; it relaxes me. After school, whenever I get the time, I exercise and lift weights. It makes me strong. Bare looking at weights makes my day bright and colourful; they are my toys", says Arshia, who aims to represent India in weightlifting at the Olympics.

Deadlifting is a sport that is generally associated with adult gymnasts with a powerful physique and large body size.  Powerlifters work hard for years with the sole purpose of developing the strength to be able to lift heavy weights. But can somebody as young as six do a deadlift? The majority would answer this question with a resounding ‘No'. With her feat, Arshia has joined the league of extraordinary kids who change people's perceptions with their dedication and hard work.

Her achievement would not just make Arshia the youngest to deadlift 45 kgs in India, but also encourage young kids in the nation to participate in more and more sporting activities. Her success should  also fight against the popular myth that kids will stop growing if they lift weights at a young age.