Staying Active at Office Is Everyone’s Cup of Tea!

Staying Active at Office Is Everyone’s Cup of Tea!

Dec 04, 2017

Chained to your desk with deadlines swirling around, a nine to five job has become one common yet highly unhealthy routine. Numerous companies highly demand for this standard schedule which has led to piling up stubborn fats. This then takes months and even years to shed, which is basically a tough and almost impossible task for those with a tight schedule. 

While you may be trying but are unable to register yourself to a fitness centre, there are several quick and easy steps to include in your daily routine to improve your overall wellbeing while meeting deadlines and cracking major projects: 

1. Uninstall food delivery apps: With the birth of smartphones came a series of amazing applications, one including food ordering apps in recent times. This has not only eased the joy of getting delicious food delivered at the doorstep, but has also become a path to gaining unwanted body fats. A cut down into fast foods or anything cooked at food joints will help manage weight, as well as keep you at bay from health issues.


2. Ditch sugary drinks: Cups of coffee, juices or cold drinks are methods adopted by office goers to stay awake and concentrate. While the same may give results, they also work tremendously to hamper diet due to heavy sugar amount and caffeine. You can opt for green tea, fruits or water instead and see a change in your body within weeks.


3. Snack Healthy: It’s long that you fill your desk drawer with chips and chocolates and replace them with healthy alternatives such as roasted almonds, pistachios, walnut, apricot, peanuts and so on. They are easily available at grocery stores in various types and are the healthiest snacking options ideal for all.


4. Short Breaks: If your schedule allows, fix a time to take short breaks for walks. Sitting for long hours leads to larger waist circumferences raising risks to cardiovascular diseases. Lower HDL cholesterol and higher insulin levels are other risks that an individual may fall prey into. Moreover, short breaks can help one de-stress and continue work in refreshing moods.


5. Stay Hydrated: Drinking eight to ten glasses of water will keep you hydrated throughout the day. You can also pack fruits that are rich sources of water such as watermelon, grapes, oranges and apples to snack healthy while keeping yourself hydrated. Another option is to prepare detox water with the ingredients of your choice like lemon, ginger and honey; watermelon and mint.


What’s your pick among these tips? Do let us know in the comments section below.