Steadfast athlete Rohit Shetty is an exemplary example of a mindful athlete who works with true dedication backed by years of knowledge. It is not just about having the correct thing but to have all that is meant for you, just like our Steadfast Nutrition products that are well-curated as per the needs of our athletes. His dedication yielded into a shining Silver Medal at the World Championship, 2019. He won the medal under Senior Men’s Bodybuilding at the 11th World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation, South Korea.

His victory comes with the sweat and blood that he gave for his year-long preparations. Shetty says, ‘It takes small victory, action, decision at a time in order to achieve the goal.’ It was his pristine dedication that turned the two-year-old Bronze medal into Silver this time. But he takes this win just as a milestone that he achieved and is bracing hard towards becoming better in the coming time. His family has been a constant support factor of his life as they stuck by him through the thick and thins of life. He believes that he is yet to achieve his 100% as he is working to build his body to reach full potential and deliver the most.

We as his premium nutrition partner are working harder to lay a stronger foundation of best nutrition to build better. Our products are a result of years of procedures therefore, they are all organ friendly with no side effects in the long run.

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