Steadfast Athlete Rohit has been making us proud by winning medals continuously, proving the strength of our products. Awarding his magnificent list of laurels, the Krunch Today magazine interviewed our athlete asking him about the hard work put into his acclaimed wins. Rohit Shetty looked ravishingly handsome on the cover page of the magazine, flaunting his well-sculpted body.

Rohit talks about his strict diet he follows religiously each day without fail to give him the required results. It is interesting to know what inspired Rohit to take up bodybuilding and how he leads a life of a ‘Bodybuilder.’ He travels back to the time when he began his journey at an early age of 14 years and trained hard to become a successful bodybuilder. His parents have been a great influence on his life as they taught him to be grateful and appreciate the simple things in life. Rohit also talks about his all-time favourite bodybuilder, to know who, read about it in his interesting interview in the magazine.

Rohit has been kind enough to spill the beans about his well-nurtured body which has been successful with the intake of the premium quality products from Steadfast Nutrition. Shetty believes in training consistently throughout as it helps prepare the body for any competition. He has shared several tips for all the budding bodybuilders out there who look forward in making a sculpted body for themselves with share dedication. He says, ‘The strength to succeed is within YOU.’

Go get your copy of Krunch Today now to read and immerse yourselves in the knowledge of healthy living with prolonged wellness.

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