Road Cyclist Rahul Singh Claims National Title 3rd Year In A Row

Road Cyclist Rahul Singh Claims National Title 3rd Year In A Row

Dec 20, 2018

“When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that's when it starts.” Is probably the most accurate quote to describe what road cycling is as a sport.

Steadfast athlete and ace cyclist Rahul Singh bagged the National Cycling Championship for the third consecutive time this year and left the spectators spellbound as he zipped past the finish line faster and stronger than all the competitors whom he left behind. Read on as Rahul shares the secrets behind his success and the recipe of becoming a national champion!

On training for the national championship

Every other domestic event that I participate in throughout the year is essentially a form of training for the national championship. I obviously give my best at every event but my main focus through the year is to bag the national title.

On nutrition while preparing for and before the championship

I fulfil the bulk of my nutritional requirements using Steadfast Nutrition products. For the major part of the training season, I use Power Protein for recovery but I switch to LIV RAW at least one and at max two months before the competition. I have even given it a unique analogy that “Power Protein is training protein and LIV RAW is competition protein.” I also start taking carborance at night before sleeping in order to carb load in the days leading up to a major championship. Energy gels are another small addition to my nutrition stack which I add in the later stages of preparation for competitions.

On the evolving competition in the past three years

Since the time I got my first national title to now, I have noticed that the competition has gotten tougher with each passing year. This can largely be credited to more knowledge amongst athletes and more efficient training methods. For the longest time people used to train by keeping heart rate as the primary measure but now there are other demographics being put to use as well as power meters and other technologies.

On the future of road cycling as a sport in India

Even though the domestic championships keep getting better every year, we still have a long way to go in order to have an impact in the international arena. Other countries, especially the European ones have a culture of cycling and a lot of support and awareness about it as a sport. As the culture grows in India and people start supporting the sport, we too will be able to boast international champions.

On noticing a difference in performance since he started using Steadfast Nutrition

Steadfast Nutrition products truly have made a lot of difference in my performance and it is clearly noticeable. Earlier I used to be good at team events and group races but since I have started incorporating Steadfast products in my nutrition stack I have realised that I am now able to perform equally well if not better in individual races where the amount of struggle and effort required is exponentially higher as compared to group races.

On what’s next for him

Now I plan to bring home a medal at the Asian championship and continue working hard so I can bring laurels to the country in multiple international events.