Pre-workout supplements have become common as they help enhance performance during training or workout. They are widely used among strength trainers and endurance athletes to give an edge to their performance.

The common ingredients in pre-workout are BCAAs, Beta-alanine and creatine monohydrate. Some may even contain all the three together in varying doses.

It is said that supplements with added creatine monohydrate are the best ones to go for various reasons listed below:-

  • Creatine is a molecule primarily present in skeletal muscles. It helps release energy from the cell’s stores then used to rebuild the cellular form of energy (ATP).
  • The reason for reduced performance is the depletion of creatine which arises the need for supplementation.

Natural food sources of creatine include red meat and seafood.

Regular consumption of these foods is not advisable as red meat offers saturated fat and seafood may have lead and mercury contamination. Therefore, creatine coming from food is not able to fully saturate the muscles.

Potential performance-enhancing benefits of Creatine

  • It helps increase your performance during short duration and high-intensity exercise, like heavy weight lifting and power exercises.
  • An athlete experiences performance-enhancing effects like increased anaerobic threshold and work capacity. Increased sprint speed and max effort lift.
  • Helps increase muscle size.
  • It has a positive impact on your endurance, strength and power.

Why is Creatine Monohydrate the best form of creatine in supplements?

It is the safest form to be consumed and even more, effective than the ethyl ester form. 

Why are products containing creatine monohydrates the best?

The most effective ingredient is responsible for enhancing performance. It accelerates the effect of training and muscle gain when combined with other ergogenic aids. It works best especially in the presence of beta-alanine, BCAAs and arginine for maximum effects.

To summarise, it is advisable to take pre-workout supplements by elite athletes to get maximum performance benefits and muscle size. Buy Best Creatine.

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