Power Protein - Your Ultimate Ride Partner!

Power Protein - Your Ultimate Ride Partner!

Jul 12, 2021

Steadfast Nutrition Power Protein is a great recovery drink for an athlete as it is a blend of slow and fast releasing protein. It consists of whey protein concentrate along with wheat protein and calcium caseinate. It also has natural cocoa powder added to it that gives it a mild chocolate flavour. For an athlete, it is a post-workout supplement that helps in the complete recovery of muscles after a great competition. An athlete can consume it but depend on their protein requirement and training schedule. For a strength or endurance athlete 2 sachets of Power Protein is recommended per day as they have increased nutritional requirements. 

Power Protein should be consumed post-workout for complete muscle recovery. It helps the muscle to repair and strengthen from all the damage caused by the extensive training. Strength athletes can add Power Protein to their daily diet to meet the high-intensity workout requirement as it helps to improve muscle mass and take care of the wear and tear of muscles. 

Endurance athletes can add Power Protein to their daily diet as it is a great blend of slow and fast releasing proteins for prolonged training that leads to depletion of stored energy in the form of glycogen, it leads the body to target lipids, then amino acids for energy thus Power Protein helps the body regain the exhausted muscle mass with the help of slow and fast releasing protein over a long period of time. 

Endurance athletes usually focus on a carb-rich diet, but research has shown that adequate protein consumption helps to enhance and boost athletic performance. As a lot of high volume training is involved the protein intake helps speed up the recovery process and takes care of the wear & tear after intense training sessions. Endurance sports are very demanding in terms of stamina and strength. Thus endurance athletes need a protein supplement to meet their increased needs. Steadfast Nutrition Power Protein is specially formulated and designed to provide all the essential amino acids for immediate muscle recovery. It also ensures the delivery of amino acids for a longer period in the athlete's body.

Power Protein helps to improve the athletic performance of an endurance athlete. Strong immunity is very important for endurance athletes as their sport involves exposure to a lot of different weather conditions. Power Protein is rich in electrolytes like sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine and phosphorus. Sodium, potassium and chloride help support the fluid balance along with the blood pressure of an endurance athlete. Phosphorus and calcium help prevent bone loss and keep up bone density. 

A complete recovery solution involves physical along with mental recovery from stress as well. So the cocoa powder present in Power Protein has mood-elevating properties that help reduce anxiety levels and stress. In conclusion, Power Protein is a complete and perfect recovery solution for any sports activity.

How power protein helps cyclists in enhancing their performance?

Cycling is an intense sport therefore, the use of Power Protein helps provide a great recovery post-workout. It consists of 29.2g of protein along with 5.4 g of glutamic acid, 13g of EAA and 6.2g of BCA. It has been formulated as per the FSSAI guidelines. Cyclists should consume power protein depending on their protein requirement, activity and training schedule. 2-3 sachets of Power Protein are recommended per day. It has no added flavour, preservatives or thickness and has 3.2g of natural cocoa powder that makes it a mild chocolate flavour protein. Power Protein consists of 5 electrolytes and has 4 sources of protein. Cycling is a sport that results in the loss of lots of electrolytes and water in the form of sweating. Proper hydration is very much required for a cyclist. The electrolytes namely sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and phosphorus are present in Power Protein that helps to also replenish the lost electrolyte stores. Each sachet of power protein provides 150.8kcal, and it can be consumed with water any time of the day but should be consumed preferably after your ride. Just mix one sachet with 300 ml of water. The electrolytes enhance our muscle strength and prevent muscle cramping thereby help maintain the electrolytic functions and the water balance of our body. Cycling is an endurance sport that can last for more than one hour, so keeping your body well-nourished and hydrated is very important. Power Protein is a great protein supplement for a cyclist and should be included in the daily diet to meet the increased protein requirements.


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