Traditionally, endurance athletes focused more on carbohydrates for their best athletic output and it was believed that protein is the forte of only strength athletes like bodybuilders. But with gradual research and studies, it was noticed that adequate protein consumption also plays a critical role in boosting the athletic performance of an endurance athlete. When it comes to the protein intake of endurance athletes, there is a myth attached to it. Athletes fear that it might lead to unwanted weight gain. But the fact is that body of an endurance athlete utilises protein in a different way. Since they are involved in high volume endurance training, hence endurance athletes cannot bulk up, instead, protein is deployed in the body for repairing everyday wear and tear. After an intense exercise session, some stress signals are produced within endurance athletes which helps activate different processes in their body. These signals guide the body to produce different types of proteins from amino acids. In endurance athletes, more of mitochondrial proteins are produced as compared to contractile proteins. Contractile proteins make up the muscle fibres hence they are more in strength athletes. But the synthesis of mitochondrial proteins is necessary for endurance athletes as they serve as the powerhouse of energy and helps in proper muscle contraction. A protein-rich meal, especially after an endurance session, helps in optimising these processes, thus indicating the necessity of protein for endurance athletes.   

Protein function in our body is not only limited to muscle synthesis but it is also a fundamental component of bones, ligaments, tendons, hormones, enzymes and our immune system. Endurance sports demand a lot of stamina, endurance and strength, due to which the protein needs of athletes increased as compared to a sedentary person. To meet these increased needs, protein supplements are a great option as additional support to our diet. Steadfast Nutrition Power Protein is one such unique formula which not only provides essential proteins for immediate muscle recovery but also ensures to deliver amino for longer duration in their body. What makes it distinctive from other options available in the market is its composition and protein content. Power Protein is enriched with multiple sources of protein, each proficient in its own way to benefit the body. It has been crafted scientifically without any addition of artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or thickeners, thus offering pure protein. Endurance athletes undergo hard training sessions every day so to boost their athletic performance. This might lead to muscle damage and exhaustion. After the training, athletes should recover themselves completely so as to get ready to bear the same stress and fatigue again during the next practice session. Presence of whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate as protein sources in Power Protein helps endurance athletes in immediate and sustained recovery. This is due to the fact that whey protein delivers amino acids in a short span of time in our body which aids in quick muscle recovery, whereas casein protein has the advantage of supplying amino for 6-7 hours which indicates that it provides extended recovery thus replenishing and energising athletes.

Because of high endurance needs, an endurance athlete should also have a high aerobic capacity. There can be no compromise in maintaining blood lipid profile. Excess bad fat (LDL) in the blood might lead to its deposition across the blood vessels, obstructing the blood flow which carries oxygen and other essential nutrients. This, in turn, may lead to breathlessness, reduced oxygen content and hinder athletic performance. Power Protein helps to combat this hurdle as well, as it contains wheat protein as another major protein source. Wheat protein has the potential to manage triglycerides levels in our blood. Not only it lowers the levels of bad cholesterol but also reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. This feature also makes Power Protein ideal for athletes assisting in meeting their peak endurance needs. Endurance sports are usually outdoor and athletes are exposed to different weather conditions, some days can be sunny and some may be cold or humid. Hence strong immune health is very crucial for an endurance athlete, they cannot afford to fall sick frequently as it will directly affect their performance. Whey protein concentrate present in Power Protein is rich in a powerful antioxidant - Glutathione. This antioxidant not only reduces oxidative stress, fights free radicals but also augments their immunity. Glutathione keeps our cells and tissues healthy and protects them from getting damaged by any foreign body. Endurance athletes are always advised by nutrition experts to maintain adequate hydration. Athletes tend to lose plenty of electrolytes through sweat and urine, thus increasing the risk of muscle cramps and impaired electrolytic balance. Power Protein takes care of this need of endurance athletes as well. It is rich in electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium and phosphorus. Electrolytes like sodium, potassium, chloride support in maintaining fluid balance and blood pressure of athletes. Calcium and phosphorus prevents bone loss and contributes in maintaining their bone density.    

Now, when we talk about the complete recovery of an athlete, it is not only confined to physical recovery. Mental recovery from stress is also very pivotal for them. Athletes undergo a lot of stress during training sessions as well during competitions. During the recovery phase, athletes should completely relieve their stress levels and relax the nerves. Power Protein gives them this power to do that with the presence of natural cocoa powder. Cocoa powder present in Power Protein not only imparts a mild natural cocoa flavour, provides protein but also helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. Cocoa powder is naturally rich in a compound called Phenethylamine. Studies have shown that this compound has excellent stress reducing, anxiety-relieving and mood elevating properties.

To conclude, we can say that protein plays an important role in optimising the long-lasting benefits of training for endurance athletes. Power Protein is a complete recovery solution and a perfect companion which can be easily incorporated in the diet to enhance the athletic performance. With such an excellent amino acid profile, 29.2 grams of protein along with optimum carbohydrate and fat content, Power Protein justifies its name by empowering athletes in meeting their desired fitness goal. Power Protein comes intact and hygienically sealed in a tri-layer sachet, which protects its contents from any environmental damage like dust, air or moisture. Sachet form makes it easy to carry for an endurance athlete, unlike big tubs or jars, with precise quantity and quality in every single serve. 


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