POWER PROTEIN: The Ultimate Recovery Formula

POWER PROTEIN: The Ultimate Recovery Formula

Nowadays, people are moving towards fitness to achieve a standard physique. Exercise not only helps you burn calories but in carving your physique. Also, keep in mind that along with exercise you also need a bountiful of nutrients to aid your body reach the goal in a healthy-wealthy way. So as to achieve the fitness goals gym mentors or coaches usually recommend protein supplements because protein is the core macronutrient and our Indian vegan diets do not provide sufficient protein.

And no matter what people think about the protein supplements there are some people against it while some support the use of such supplements. Being a health expert, protein supplements are good when your daily meal is incapable of satisfying the increased body protein requirements. Additionally, protein requirement is in a direct correlation with physical activity, age, sex, and gender. Therefore, as the physical activity level rises protein requirement also rises to promote the muscle protein synthesis, repairing and recovery of damaged muscles, hence helps in gaining muscles.

Protein is one of the most vital macronutrients. When it comes to macronutrients, it means that your diet should provide these nutrients in a relatively large amount. Dietary Protein Benefits: How It Can Help You Gain Muscles (2017) mentioned the research carried out at the Massachusetts University in Lowell lead by author Kelsey Mangano stipulated people with higher intake of overall protein had stronger quadriceps and higher muscle mass.

Indian Council of medical research (2010) recommended a daily allowance of protein for a sedentary worker as 1g/Kg/day. But as the physical activity increases protein needs also increases. Both higher protein intake and exercise are two considering factors that conserve and enhance the lean muscle mass. Tipton KD, Wolf RR (2004) gives protein requirement for strength and speed athletes, higher protein intake is recommended in the range of at least 1.2-1.5g/Kg/day. Laviano et al. (2005) suggested an alternative approach when there is an issue related to renal function in that case, leucine intake is increased up to 8-12g/day or combination of the BCAA (12-18g/day) may be suitable.

In an athlete's life protein plays a very important role as their performance entirely depends upon their protein intake. So, the increased protein needs can be accomplished either by holistic food or by incorporating supplements into their meal. Besides this, the protein requirement of strength athlete is more compared to an endurance athlete. Mostly strength athletes consume protein powders which provide them with all essential amino acids required to maintain lean muscle mass.

In the market, protein powders are available in various forms such as whey, soy, and casein protein. But whey protein is usually used by the people of the fitness community as it is soluble in water. No doubt all products are good in their own terms but Steadfast Nutrition is one such company that uses a holistic approach to fulfil your fitness dream goals with their product i.e. “SN Power Protein.”

SN Power protein is a mixture of slow and fast releasing amino acids. It consists of whey protein concentrate, wheat protein, calcium caseinate, natural cocoa powder as a flavour enhancer and electrolytes. This blend of four proteins provides you with all the essential amino acids for complete recovery of muscles.

Now here are the benefits of every single ingredient used to formulate the product :

 Whey Protein Concentrate:

  • Whey protein concentrate is a value-added ingredient present in the product. It is the best post workout protein for athletes or any fitness enthusiast as it is easy to digest and gets absorbed in the body efficiently. It is also called “fast” release protein due to its ability to provide nourishment to muscles immediately.
  • It contains branched chain amino acids in a generous amount among which leucine is present in a relatively larger amount. Dissimilar to other essential proteins, BCAA’s are the first ones utilised during the resistance exercise and immediately metabolised into muscle tissue.
  • For athletes, leucine is essential as it promotes muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth. It is a copious source of arginine and lysine which stimulate muscle growth by increasing the release of growth hormone.
  • Bioactive compounds derived from whey have antiviral, antimicrobial properties, boost immunity, improve bone health, enhance antioxidant activity, provide protection against cancer and cardiovascular diseases and exhibit many more benefits. Whey protein provides all the essential amino acids and BCAA to replenish the body stores.
  • Additionally, It is an adequate source of glutathione which protects the cells and mitochondria from exercise-induced oxidative damage. Last but not the least is that it aids in reducing the ghrelin level and manages stress.

Wheat protein:

  • It helps in balancing the lipid profile of the body as it is a cholesterol-free ingredient. Along with this, it also enhances the amino acid composition for complete recovery of muscles. Furthermore, wheat is a good source of minerals such as potassium, zinc and magnesium which contributes to overall wellbeing.
  • It also helps in reducing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome.

Calcium Caseinate:

  • It is a slow digesting protein which maintains the sustained release of amino acids for prolonged recovery and repairing of damaged muscles. Calcium caseinate also provides minerals like calcium and phosphorus in a highly bioavailable form but low in sodium so even a hypertensive individual can consume this protein.
  • The calcium and phosphorus portion of protein contributes to the bone formation and imparting strength to it.
  • It is high in conditionally essential amino acids, L-glutamine which aids in healing wounds, protein repair and formation, maintain acid-base balance, enhance the immune system and also serves as an energy source.
  • It provides a feeling of satiety thus, prevent athletes from consuming unwanted snacks.

Natural Cocoa Powder:

It contains an organic compound phenethylamine which acts as a neuromodulator thus, helps in alleviating the mood. It is a rich source of polyphenols, a  potent antioxidant that improves cardiovascular health.


One of the best things about the product is that it consists of electrolytes such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, chloride and potassium. Athletes or fitness freak individuals lose a lot of electrolytes and water in sweating during a high-intensity workout. So, power protein helps in retrieving the lost electrolytes thus improves the muscle strength, preventing muscle cramps and maintaining the fluid balance.

The population who can consume SN Power Protein

 Consumption of power protein is directly correlated to the level of physical activity and the duration of activity. Protein requirement of a sportsperson or fitness enthusiast is somewhat different from the sedentary worker as they are relatively less physically active. Among the athletes, strength athlete requires protein in a slightly higher amount than endurance ones. Therefore, it is recommended that endurance athlete can take a maximum of 2 sachets per day whereas strength athletes can consume up to 3 sachets per day. As per the nutritionist, power protein should be consumed after the workout for complete recovery of the muscle tissues.

Moreover, Power protein can also be consumed by the normal population or by an individual who is undernourished. Apart from this, whey power protein is the best product for weight watchers or individuals who are looking to reduce weight and want an ideal waistline.

Being an expert, SN Power Protein is the best protein in India and most liked product by the population. People prefer this product as it comes in sachets and prevents consumers from any kind of scams. You can order SN Power Protein whey protein concentrate online. For further details, the consumer can visit the Steadfast Nutrition website. Check best whey protein range. 


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