Power Protein  For Triathletes

Power Protein For Triathletes

The combination of swimming, cycling and running in one single event is referred to a Triathlon. Looking at how demanding the event is, the importance of nutrition for triathletes is self-explanatory. Whatever the event, it demands a perfect combination of nutrition, training and proper rest. Each sport demands strength and endurance. A triathlete is required to meet the required nutrition requirements to maintain the desired pace and overall health.

A triathlete undergoes rigorous physical and psychological training before any event. Along with the rigorous training, the body and mind have to recover recovery as it has to prepare itself to face several more challenges. When it comes to nutrition, triathletes often focus only on carbohydrates and overlook proteins. Proteins essentially should be a part of our diet to meet the daily nutritional needs, maintain lean muscle mass, strengthen the immune system and optimise muscle repair post-training. As per the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and American College of Sports Medicine, endurance athletes are recommended to consume at least 1.2-1.4 g of protein per kg body weight per day. Along with aiming to consume the recommended intake, triathletes need to strategise the timing of protein intake.

Protein should be a part of their meals, consumed before, during and after training. Despite the recommendation, triathletes often show dietary inadequacy. A study was conducted by Nayara F.C. et al (2015) to assess the triathletes’ nutritional profile in a week before a National Competition. Participants were the triathletes of SESC-Triathlon National Circuit, Sprint and Olympic, Brazil. Only 62% of triathletes showed protein adequacy. Therefore, triathletes should focus on consuming good quality protein supplements to gain strength, repair damaged muscles and increase muscle protein synthesis rate after prolonged strenuous exercise. Steadfast Nutrition Power Protein is one such promising formulation that addresses the increased needs of triathletes with rewarding results. Power Protein comes from a blend of four different sources of proteins - whey protein concentrate, wheat protein, calcium caseinate, and cocoa powder. With this amazing amino acid profile that delivers 29.2 grams of proteins per serving, Power Protein is ideal for recovering from an exhaustive training or event. Triathletes should consume good quality protein supplements to fully recover and Power Protein being a blend of slow and releasing protein is apt.

Presence of whey protein not only assures instant muscle recovery but casein protein assists the body in sustained recovery. Casein protein supplies a steady flow of amino acids to our muscles for recovery and protecting them from atrophy. Additionally, wheat protein along with providing amino keeps a check on the triathletes blood cholesterol profile. Triathlon is such a high endurance demanding race, makes triathletes prone to radical damage. Power Protein being rich in whey protein provides a powerful antioxidant - glutathione to tackle radicals and protects the body.

Power Protein is cocoa in flavour and free from all kinds of additives like stabilisers, preservatives, thickeners, and artificial flavours.  The presence of electrolytes is another reason that makes power protein ideal for triathletes.

Triathletes lose a lot of sweat electrolytes and rigorous training sessions put a lot of stress on their bones and joints.

To avoid inefficient performance, triathletes are required to maintain the fluid-electrolyte balance of the body. Power Protein is rich in minerals like sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphorus, and calcium which aids in keeping issues like muscle cramps, spasms, twitching, joint and bone pain at bay.

To conclude, Power Protein is a complete recovery package a triathlete can have. It aids in complete muscle recovery and phenethylamine present in cocoa powder relaxes our nerves. Triathletes severe mental stress during training and performance pressure during events. Power Protein helps in calming the brain, reduces stress and elevates their mood. Triathletes lose their stored glycogen and are therefore advised to consume a carb-rich meal to restock the lost glycogen. Some researches suggest the addition of protein to a carbohydrate-rich meal might increase the muscle glycogen synthesis rate by 40-100%. Hence, Power Protein as a recovery protein not only stimulates muscle protein anabolism but supports glycogen synthesis as well. It is a perfect recovery protein any athlete can have. Check complete best whey protein range. 


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