Modern workouts involve dancing  with a  combination of  aerobic movements, thereby giving you a perfect cardio workout session. It is a great way of achieving overall fitness.

Zumba, a Latin dance form, has now popularly become a high-intensity workout program in the fitness industry. If you have already started  Zumba as a part of your fitness regime, then to make the most of it,, it is important to eat nutrition-dense foods.

How about a pre-workout drink, which can keep you energised and at the same time offers recovery at its best?

Importance of a Pre- workout meal

Steadfast Nutrition Power Active nutrition drink with the combination of consistent Zumba workout will surely give you the best results. Without any proper pre-workout snack, a Zumba dancer can easily become exhausted and won’t be able to continue  exercising. So, it is important to have a beverage that offers you simple carbohydrates and essential amino acids as a main source of fuel for your body. The presence of both simple and complex carbohydrates supplies instant and sustained energy to perform dance moves effortlessly.

Zumba Performance Benefits

Additionally, a beverage provides you with essential minerals which help you stay hydrated for long. Also, the presence of Taurine, an antioxidant,  helps boost your performance by reducing oxidative stress, improving lipid and carbohydrate metabolism and resynthesis of glycogen.

Another special ingredient, L- carnitine, can  oxidise fats as a source of energy to be utilised as fuel and hence, favourably burns existing body fat, without compromising on your aerobic capacity or stamina.

Furthermore, Zumba classes are mostly either in the morning or evening. Usually, office goers, are in a rush and run out of time to prepare something to eat as a pre - snack before their workout. So, keeping these small constrains in mind, Steadfast Nutrition has a product to offer named “Power Active “, that comes in sachet form which is convenient  to carry and use.

How Zumba and Power Active combination can help you tone up better?

Zumba helps exercise your entire body. (add a line here)  It is important to have protein in your daily diet to recover from muscle soreness as well as the synthesis of muscles. So, Power Active also acts as a great post-workout meal.

Apart from the benefits discussed above, power active contains whey protein concentrate and skim milk powder , which provides a wide range of essential amino acids to fuel up your muscles for immediate and better recovery. According to studies, whey derived from milk protein is the best quality protein and is easy to digest, with high absorption rate as well.

In conclusion, Power Active comes with such finely formulated ingredients that offer many essential nutrients which are not just vital for your health but also hold importance to keep you active, and improve cardio performance. So, this in conjunction with a balanced diet and Zumba workout will give you the best of the desired results.

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