When it comes to staying fit, we all want that our body should be ideally proportional in terms of muscle mass and fat mass. People workout so as to gain lean muscle mass and burn excess body fat. But at times, despite putting a lot of efforts, it seems difficult in achieving the desired fitness goal. Consuming the wrong diet and performing incorrect exercises might be a reason for the same. Here are some of the strategies which can be implemented in your routine to grow muscles.

  1. Consume a healthy well-balanced diet. It is very crucial to feed our body all the required essential macro and micronutrients. Determine the exact dietary needs of your body and include the food sources accordingly. In case of insufficiency of dietary sources or unavailability of food options, one can resort to dietary supplements as well with the necessary research and expert advice.
  2. Not all mass gainers are bad. Read about them carefully and learn to differentiate.Check Steadfast's best mass gainer range. 
  3. Follow a specific training protocol. Discuss your fitness needs and goals with your trainer so that the program can be planned accordingly to ensure maximum results.
  4. Ensure that muscle of every body part is trained for overall muscle development. You can also keep track of training sessions and be regular with sessions.
  5. Never forget recovery. The recovery phase is one of critical factors which directly affects muscle growth and development. During exercise, we tend to put a lot of stress on our body which results in depletion of nutrient stores. A post workout meal with a combination of proteins and carbohydrates is considered ideal which not only recovers muscles but also replenishes lost glycogen stores.
  6. Keep your body hydrated. Not only this prevents muscle soreness and cramps but also assists in boosting strength and endurance. Some studies have shown that muscles are approx. 19% stronger when hydrated.
  7. Accept the fact that muscle building is neither rocket science nor there is a shortcut to it. Muscle building demands dedication, discipline along with proper nutrition and exercise.
  8. Muscle strain and soreness is a part of muscle building but do not fear them. They will fade away gradually and should not be the reason for skipping a workout.Best Muscle Building Tips
  9. Make sure that diet is rich in adequate proteins. They are the building blocks of muscles and insufficiency won’t give expected outcomes.
  10. Do not ignore fats. Healthy fats are equally essential to help many biochemical processes function properly.
  11. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet to a make meal nutritious, appetising, full of antioxidants with multiple varieties.
  12. Weightlifting does not lead to stunted growth. It is nowhere related to growth in height.
  13. Omega 3 fatty acid and multivitamin supplements can be opted to support increased nutritional needs and the immune system.
  14. Get plenty of rest and sleep. During sleep, our body also recovers and builds muscles. Lack of same can make the body more prone to illness and injury.   
  15. Enjoy your journey. Always set a high target but never overdo it.


All the best for your health journey!

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