Cycling is a very good form of exercise that initially was just a means of transportation. The origin of cycling has its roots in the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris, France. In the last 100 years, things have changed with due course of time, like the material a cycle is made changed from wooden to the new carbon cycles that are light in weight but at the same time gives a cyclist the right push required. Now, the game has changed completely as the sport of professional cycling has carved out a new industry with cycles costing around 2 lakhs and above. So, the sport in the last 100 years has undergone a complete transformation. 

With the transformation in the industry, various other things have also changed like the top cycle races of more than 3000 km. So, one can only imagine that to complete such a mammoth of a task requires not only a good cycle but the right amount of nutrients for energy. In such races, a cyclist may end up losing at least 7000 calories per day. So, the amount of essential minerals which their body is losing every day needs to be compensated with external supplements. 

So, Steadfast Nutrition has come up with MiCasein. It is a protein derived from Micellar Casein which provides steady and gradual release of amino acids for overnight recovery. It is also called Night Protein. We also know milk protein is a combination of 80% casein and 20 % whey protein. We all know that whey protein is a well known post-workout protein. When we do a lot of unrest workout, it may lead to wear and tear of muscles, which requires adequate protein to build muscles and regain strength. When there is a gap between meals, the body starts breaking down its muscles and taking essential proteins from it, so in that case, muscle growth and maintenance will not happen. Therefore it is advised that one should consume MiCasein at night because of the presence of slow-release protein and amino acid, which can prevent the muscle breakdown that happens while sleeping.

So for a cyclist, it is the best supplement as they generally rest at night, and can always consume MiCasein according to his/her body requirement. It comes in a single sachet serve of 30 grams and has around 24.3 grams of protein in it. So, it is a slow digestive protein which provides recovery for longer duration and helps in muscle building. It generally takes around 8 hours hence the best time to take it is during the night.

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