Mar 20, 2022

Mass Gaining refers to building muscle mass and increasing muscle size. Many of us want to gain mass but gaining it successfully becomes a challenge at times. Mass gaining is a combined output of adequate diet, proper training and rest. Usually, it is seen as lifting weights and eating a lot but strength athletes often tend to overlook the quality and focus only on quantity. People with ectomorph body or “hard gainers” struggle a lot in order to gain mass. When we talk about mass gaining, fuelling your workout with proper nutrition is of paramount importance. An athlete is required to increase the calorie intake which has to be well-balanced in terms of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and micronutrients. To satisfy these increased nutrition needs, mass gaining supplements are a useful tool. Steadfast Nutrition Power Massive is one such wholesome mass gainer which not only delivers a perfect combination of all the nutrients but also takes care of our organs in its own way due to the presence of special ingredients - taurine and choline.

Mass gaining involves heavy weight lifting which leaves our body and muscles stressed. Power Massive is a perfect recovery tool to overcome this as it is enriched with a combination of slow and fast releasing proteins. Presence of whey protein concentrate and calcium caseinate as a protein sources not only provides immediate but sustained recovery as well for a longer duration of time. Carbohydrates also play a crucial role when it comes to gaining mass. It is always recommended that instead of bingeing on only simple carbs, it is better to have a combination of both simple and complex. This is due to that fact that complex carbs keep on supplying glucose for a longer period of time which keeps energy levels up preventing sudden dips. Power Massive addresses the needs of high carbohydrate requirement as well. When consumed after an intense workout, Power Massive supplies simple carbs for reviving energy levels and complex for replenishing the lost glycogen stores. Athletes are prone of loosing electrolytes and vitamins through sweat and urine, because of the kind of workout they are involved in. They cannot afford to be deficit and less on electrolytes if they want to achieve their target hence, micronutrients like vitamins and minerals are equally essential for mass building. Power Massive also render the benefits of micronutrients to prevent muscle cramping and any deficiency disorders. It contains 12 vitamins and 14 minerals which assists in energy metabolism, repairing tissues and maximise the training results. Athletes are required to maintain their aerobic capacity and stamina in order to train well. Maintaining appropriate blood cholesterol levels for the smooth blood flow and timely delivery of oxygen and nutrients to their tissues is necessary.

When our body consumes oxygen, a lot of free radicals are produced as a byproduct. These free radicals have the tendency to harm our healthy cell membranes and destroy them. Power Massive is also a quick fix of these radicals due to the presence of taurine. Taurine is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which scavenges free radicals, in turn, keeping the cell healthy. Consuming mass gainer along with high carb and protein diet can only be beneficial if all the nutrients consumed are utilised properly in the body. Taurine aids in effective utilisation of carbs and protein by improving insulin sensitivity. It also reduces the risk of insulin resistance thereby ensuring that our blood sugar is maintained even after such high carbohydrate intakes. Another special ingredient which makes Power Massive exclusive as compared to other options is the presence of Choline. This is an excellent nutrient for liver, heart health and improving muscle contraction. Choline helps in maintaining the homocysteine levels of our blood which in turn reduces the risk of developing heart diseases and strokes. When we talk about recovery, it doesn’t surround only the physical but mental recovery is given equal importance. Choline is required for the synthesis of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter and has been shown to improve brain and cognitive health.

Now, with such an impressive nutritional profile, it is important to understand how and when we can incorporate Power Massive in our diets to maximise its benefits.

  1. Power Massive for Beginners - Power Massive is a healthy and delicious way to increase calorie intake and build muscle mass. Athletes who are beginners and willing to enhance the nutrient intake can begin by consuming 1 sachet of Power Massive per day. The most important factor which we need to consider along with Power Massive is diet. An adequate diet is equally important so that Power Massive can perfectly fit into additional needs required to build mass. Since, mass gainers are high in calories so a beginner should always be prepared for that feeling of little heaviness on the stomach. Hence, a beginner can consume Power Massive in water for the first few days and then switch to milk.
  2. Power Massive for Intermediates - If you are an intermediate athlete with approx. 6 - 24 months of regular workout schedule, then 2 sachets of Power Massive with milk can easily be taken per day. Power Massive is a convenient option to augment the daily intake of nutrients. It is a boon for hard gainers or ectomorphs who are always in need of high calories to challenge their BMR. Power Massive is enriched with two digestive enzymes - protease and lactase, which secures effective digestion and alleviates the symptoms of indigestion. Two sachets will provide approx. 940 Kcal per day which effortlessly satisfies the need for additional calories to gain mass.
  3. Power Massive for Pro or Advanced Athletes - Athletes who are aiming to bulk up or build huge muscle mass are required to consume 3 sachets of Power Massive per day with milk, in addition to their diet. Since, the supplement doesn’t contain any added sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives so one can be assured that consuming such high quantity won’t cause any harm to their organs. Daily calorie needs of Pro Athletes could go unto 4000 Kcal per day and it becomes a challenge to fulfil them only through diet. To enhance the nutritive value, an athlete can also blend in nuts, peanut butter, dates, fruits, etc. in it. Hence, a delicious chocolate shake by the name of Power Massive can give you the required power to become massive. You can check our best mass gainer range. 

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