Marathon Specialist- Tanmaya Karmakar

Marathon Specialist- Tanmaya Karmakar

Since ancient history, the battle of ancient Greece, to be specific, marathons were introduced. It is from these ancient roots, we derive one of the oldest running events, with a rich history and background marathoners are proud of.

Marathons are tough, the human body, without training, can’t run a specific distance, due to the restricted supply of glycogen, which is the slow form of energy release. Training for it is one of the most challenging pursuits the human body can endure.

Speaking of training and running a marathon, Tanmaya Karmarkar, a marathon specialist, has proved us wrong. Let’s go back a bit, and see who she was before her days as a specialist. She was a dedicated employee in computational mathematics and began her career in running only in the year 2014.

Even though her love for sports gave her the chance to run, it wasn’t easy. It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to achieve her goal. As being an athlete, it takes countless hours of practising to be the master of your art. Her training only paid off in 2016, as it was the first time she ran in a marathon. She has run only in 6 marathons so far. Initially, She ran for a year on her own and practised hard for the run to achieve her goal. Running has led her to stay disciplined, which includes eating a healthy diet for the body.

Every individual should follow their dreams and achieve their goals, which she’s proved, even after becoming a mother. She has always believed that one shouldn’t be dependent on anyone to achieve their goals but should be dependent on oneself to take the lead and achieve our desires. With the same discipline and commitment, Tanmaya Karmakar is an elite runner, who has encouraged thousands of people by her journey.

She has been a dedicated marathon specialist and has added many feathers to her cap.

Here is the list of her achievements:

TMM 2016 - 4HR 9MIN

TMM 2017 - 3HR 55MIN

PRBM 2017 - 3HRS 51 MIN

NDM 2018 - 3HRS 45 MIN

BERLIN 2018 - 3HRS 36 MIN



21/1 TMM  2nd

10/2 bishops 1st

18/2. Red marathon 2nd

25/2. NDM 2ND

21/5 TCS 10K 2ND

26/7. NIO 2ND

20/8. GERA 1ST

27/8. AFMC 2ND

2/9. CME 2ND


9/10 PHM 2ND

21/10 ADHM 3RD


18/11 PRBM 2ND

2/12. RAVINE 2ND

9/12 BAPHM 2ND



TMM(hm) 5th

Pune Maha marathon 1st

Fsai 1st

Boston (first sub 3.30 fm)

TCS world 10k 2nd

NIO 1st

AFMC (3RD In open / age grp 1st)

Satara (1st in amateur and age grp)

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