Does being healthy seem like a challenge to you? Do you feel like you have to start again and again, after failing to follow a lifestyle and getting back to square one?

Have you ever thought about why it happens? This blog will help you get the answers, so read on to know more.

Staying healthy and fit seems complicated unless your basics are clear, and you have the enthusiasm to follow a good lifestyle. Many people are misguided due to conflicting advice, the content available on the internet and having a mindset that you have to be on a “diet” to lose weight. The complexity begins, where we start distinguishing food into carbs, protein and fat.

Also, there are many fad diets available on the internet that include very low calorie, low carb and high protein diets. Although one might get good results in a short period, soon after discontinuing the diet, one’s tendency to maintain weight becomes difficult.

So, it is therefore important to get back to the basics of eating a balanced diet with few modifications in your calorie intake, consumption of macronutrients and the dietary pattern as per your culture. These diets not only simplify your relationship with food, but are also easy to follow, and includes mainly foods which are locally available in your region. Therefore, the sustainability of a diet lies in the food availability, your cultural eating pattern and what you enjoy to eat as well. It can help you sustain on a diet for longer, without seeming like an effort to you. Furthermore, you can stay fit and healthy too.

Simple basics to eating well are as follows:-

  • Eat locally grown grains, fruits and vegetables as per the season.
  • Eat slowly, chew your food properly and include a variety of whole-foods at every meal.
  • Maintain portion control and do not overeat.
  • Do not have processed foods which are deprived of nutrients, fibre and have more of added sugar, salt, and other ingredients.
  • Move around more, stay active and exercise daily. The intensity, type and duration of the exercise may vary depending upon your health goals.
  • Sleep like a baby as sleeping helps with better recovery and maintains proper health.
  • Stay stress-free as mental health is equally important. Involve habits which help reduce stress and practice meditation.

Make your lifestyle simple, active and easy.

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