Keep Diseases at Bay With an Apple a Day

Keep Diseases at Bay With an Apple a Day

Like the old Welsh proverb goes, “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away," apples truly are a complete pack of various nutrients essential for overall wellbeing. Available in an array of shades of red and green, these juicy and extremely healthy fruit brings about tremendous benefits to a body. They are easy to carry, loved by all and can be eaten in dozens of forms. The type of an apple depends upon the region it is grown, climatic conditions and other geographical conditions. The texture and taste vary as well, ranging from juicy and sweet to firm and tangy.

Apples are exceptionally rich in antioxidants that help boost your immunity and improve metabolism. Given the rising pollution and harmful UV rays that contribute towards damaging the skin and various organs, including even just one apple can help protect the cells from free radical damage. Moreover, for people who are in a rush and tend to miss their meals, nothing can beat the essentials this fruit can offer while they munch on it during work or other such activities. Here are a few highlights to help you know how eating apples can offer you benefits:

  1. Gut Health: Apple is rich in fibre which keeps the gut healthy and reduces cholesterol levels of the body. A single medium sized apple provides 6.4 gm of fibre which contributes to 30-35 gm fibre requirement of a day. Moreover, its skin provides both the soluble and insoluble fibre that not only keep the gut healthy, but also provide bulk to a diet. This combination of fibre improves the transit time of colon, which reduces problems like constipation and bloating.
  1. Improves Satiety: Apple contains a high amount of moisture, which in combination with fibre keeps you full for longer with fewer calories. It improves the satiety and helps in appetite management. An apple can be added easily in between meals as a snacking option or can be combined with nuts and seeds to improve the nutrient density. 
  1. Boosts Immunity: Apples are rich in antioxidants, which helps in improving immunity and boost metabolism. Specifically, phytochemical includes flavonoids like catechins, flavanols and quercetin and other phenolic compounds that have anti-inflammatory properties and help in scavenging free radicals from the body.
  1. Weight Management: Apple is rich in fibre, moisture and antioxidant but has fewer calories which can help in reducing unwanted weight gain. Adding an apple to a diet instead of crackers, biscuits or chips for snacking will definitely help in managing your weight around a healthy range. Apples can be added to smoothies, shakes or salads to get that crunchy feeling and have better satiety.
  1. Reduces Lifestyle Disorders Risk: Despite the presence of the sugar ‘fructose,’ and because of its high fibre and moisture content, apples do not spike insulin suddenly. This property helps in reducing the risk of various cardiovascular and lifestyle diseases. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property also keeps the organ healthy and reduces the free radical damage.

Apart from smoothies and salad, the world is obsessed with a plethora of other apple based dishes like pies, custards, caramelised apples, tarts and much more. Apple with peanut butter is another snack option that leaves one drooling over to finish an entire plate! So pick your choice and make sure that you enjoy at least an apple every day and keep the doctors away!

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