IHFF 2023 Round-Up: Grandeur, Glory, and Steadfast

Aug 03, 2023

The International Health, Sports, and Fitness Festival (IHFF) 2023 for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and wellness warriors successfully concluded on 18th June 2023. The three-day extravaganza, which included a health and fitness expo and Asia’s biggest bodybuilding events, redefined how one perceives health and fitness. 

The IHFF is Asia’s largest health and fitness festival, a fitness fiesta that is a one-of-a-kind celebration of strength, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit. From star-studded events to awe-inspiring bodybuilding competitions, this festival was the perfect opportunity to elevate passion for fitness to new heights! The grandeur at the event was unparalleled in the fitness industry. A lavish stage set-up, impressive sound and light effects, and aesthetically dressed dancers who welcomed guests with dhols formed the perfect backdrop to the event.

The Steadfast Nutrition booth was the star of the expo, being the largest booth at the IHFF 2023. The booth experienced a significant influx of visitors trying the premium range of supplements. The visitors lauded Steadfast Nutrition with positive reviews and testimonials. Several fun and fitness activities at the booth attracted a flock of visitors willing to win and prove their fitness level.

Day 1 at the IHFF

The health and fitness festival kicked off with a flourish, setting the stage for glory. It began with an electrifying press conference where fitness legends, industry experts, and organisers came together to inaugurate the epic event.  Several celebrity athletes and fitness influencers graced the event with their presence. Their passion, dedication, and belief to outperform left the audience in awe. From renowned bodybuilders, influencers, and yoga gurus, these fitness luminaries inspired and motivated the audience to embark on their fitness journey. Steadfast Nutrition was the sponsor of two of Asia’s biggest bodybuilding championships at the event- the Steadfast Nutrition in Association with Sheru Classic Pro Show and the Sheru Classic Pro Qualifiers. Aman Puri, founder of Steadfast Nutrition, firmly believes these initiatives can become the ‘Road To Olympia’ and other major pro league championships for young, talented individuals aiming to achieve big on international platforms.

Steadfast Nutrition was the prime sponsor and felicitated the Star Category participants with Steadfast Nutrition Goodies- including from their premium supplement range- for their resilience and dedication towards professional bodybuilding.  Exclusive announcements, sneak peeks, and captivating insights into what's in store for the next two days were also highlights of Day 1

 The other high points of Day 1 were the Steadfast Nutrition in association with Sheru Classic Pro Show athlete meet-up, where top athletes gathered to prepare for the ultimate bodybuilding showdown. Their camaraderie and sportsman spirit was there for all to see as they shared tips, techniques, and nerves of excitement ahead of the grand event.

Day 2 at the IHFF

Day 2 was all about the Arena of Champions! As the sun, a symbolic lamp lighting ceremony symbolised the illumination of knowledge and the power of unity within the fitness community and was followed by other enthusiastic performances. 

The day kicked off with intense IFBB pro league qualifiers pre-judging for the men’s bodybuilding, women’s physique, women’s fitness, women’s figure, men's classic physique, and women's wellness categories. These preliminary rounds showcased the dedication and discipline of competitors vying for a chance to enter the grand finals. The energy reached a crescendo as the finalists showcased their sculpted physiques and mesmerising performances. The atmosphere was electric with cheers, applause, and admiration for the contestants' hard work and perseverance.

The finals of IFBB Pro League Qualifiers presented by Steadfast Nutrition were organised for all gold medalists in their respective categories. As the Pro Card Round beckoned, it was the defining moment for them as they competed for a chance to earn their professional status, elevating their fitness careers to new heights.

The team of Steadfast Nutrition also celebrated the backbone of the fitness industry at the health and fitness expo- the dealers associated with the brand, who act as a catalyst and cater the premium nutrition and wellness range of Steadfast Nutrition for fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes. Their contributions were recognised and honoured during this special segment.

The Steadfast associates were felicitated by Aman Puri, renowned TV actress Shweta Gulati, and former Mr Asia Rohit Shetty.

The main attraction of the evening was the grand product launch by Steadfast Nutrition. Fitness moguls Manish Gandhi, Sheru Angrish, Aman Puri, and Steadfast dealers unveiled four innovative supplements: Nitromax: The fusion of Extraordinary, Ashwagandha: The Stress Reliever, Apple Cider Vinegar: The fizz of Good Health, and L-Carnitine, to turbo-charge your body. 

The products are meant to revolutionise the way we approach our fitness goals. Steadfast Nutrition is committed to delivering the finest-quality products that propel one to excellence and improve physical health and mental well-being.

Day 3 at the IHFF

The anticipation continued on Day 3 of IHFF 2023 as the IFBB Pro League Qualifiers pre-judging for the women's bikini and men's physique categories began. The athletes showcased their sculpted physiques and poise, setting the stage for a nail-biting showdown.

The stage was finally set for the finals of women's bikini and men's physique, where grace, aesthetics, and strength came together in a powerful display of human potential.

Steadfast Nutrition honoured athletes associated with the brand, whose dedication and hard work have taken them to the top of their game. Their achievements were celebrated, and their stories inspired the next generation of fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders.

Steadfast Athlete Pawan Jatwa, a known name in the field of bodybuilding set the stage on fire as he posed for the guests. A well-known men’s physique athlete, a certified transformation coach, a renowned celeb trainer, and a fitness model, Pawan stunned the audience with his captivating performance- a power-packed show and fusion of flexing, posing, and Kalarippayattu (A well-known Indian martial art form).

Pawan is known for his dedication, discipline, and incredible physique that has taken the bodybuilding world by storm. 

As the sun began to set on the final day, the pro show athletes took centre-stage for the pre-judging. Their chiselled bodies and awe-inspiring performances captivated the audience and set the tone for an epic showdown.

And finally, bodybuilding legend Kai Green expectedly stole the limelight. The audience braced themselves and the security tightened for a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the Kai Greene posed and performed for the guests. His artistry and passion for the sport left the audience awestruck. The audience went gaga when he added up the desi Indian element to his guest posing, performing to the tunes of a trending Punjabi song. 

Soon, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived. The Steadfast Nutrition Pro Show finalists gave it their all, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for victory. The audience witnessed the culmination of talent, perseverance, and dreams as the winners were crowned amidst thunderous applause.

IHFF 2023 was more than just an expo, it was a celebration of human potential, determination, and unity. From thrilling competitions to inspiring performances, this festival brought together fitness enthusiasts from all walks of life, forging lasting bonds and igniting a passion for well-being. Steadfast Nutrition will continue to be the big force behind IHFF, Asia’s largest health and fitness festival. 

India’s fastest-growing premium nutrition brand is now all set to sponsor the Amateur Olympia, India’s biggest bodybuilding event at this unparalleled fitness fiesta (IHFF Mumbai 2023) to be held in Mumbai this year on 17th, 18th, and 19th November.

Now you can also witness the magic of fitness unfold before your eyes. Come to the extravaganza Steadfast Booth at Bombay Exhibition Center on the said dates and embark on a journey of self-discovery, as we celebrate the triumph of the human spirit at the grandest fitness extravaganza of the year!