Walking is the easiest of all exercises that comes naturally to humans, it helps burn calories amping up the heart health. The healthier you are the merrier you live as it enhances your physical fitness and mobility. Walking enables the transportation of oxygen to various parts of the body and lets your brain work better. 

Enhances Self-Efficacy

One who takes the initiative of walking miles daily tends to develop belief in his or her capacity for achieving their performance goals. It boosts confidence with the ability to exert control over one's own motivation and behaviour. A confident posture exhibits confidence in one self-scaling new heights. 

Cleanses Your Mind

While you are walking your body sends tons of oxygen to the brain, the increased blood flow ignites the cognitive cells and helps retain memory for longer. Walking also encourages our brain to release endorphins, a neurotransmitter that boosts our mental health. Works best for stress reduction, anxiety, and fatigue for a healthy depression-free life. 

Better Quality Sleep

Walking is great for helping one sleep better as it is a form of moderate exercise. One tends to sleep more peacefully and uninterrupted after a day's walk as it enables our body to feel the need to relax. 

Boosts Your Creative Sides

Walking lets your brain and mind sync to give some of the best ideas you could ever think of as it is a mindfulness practice that allows your mind the same capability which one achieves when meditating. 

Helps Your Body Get Stronger

Walking on a flat surface might not help build muscles but teaming it with stairs or hills builds resistance and muscles. You may also introduce lunges or squats that boost the intensity of the exercise and build muscle. It maintains weight that reduces any stress on the joints for better joint health.

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