How to use Carborance for 10K Run

How to use Carborance for 10K Run

Apr 22, 2019

Running is defined as a process of terrestrial locomotion which enables humans and animals to move quickly on foot. Running comes under cardiovascular exercise. 10 k race is 10 kilometres long, nearly 6.2 miles. Introduction

Carbohydrate is the principal fuel for any endurance activity like running, marathon etc. Carb requirements of an athlete are more compared to a sedentary worker. Carbohydrate is the main source which provides energy to athletes. Carbohydrates are defined as the substances made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. They are widely distributed in nature in various forms like sugar, starches, cellulose and other complex substances. They are also known as hydrates of carbon. According to the modern definition they are polyhydroxy aldehydes and ketones and their derivatives. One gram of carbs provides 4kcal energy. They are easily digested and provide the required calories of a diet. They are categorised into monosaccharides, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.

In short carbs are the main macronutrient required in plenty as it plays a crucial role in a 10k runner’s daily requirements. They are majorly required as they help the athletes to achieve their goals because of two main reasons:

1. They mainly provide fuel to the body and brain. After digestion extra carbs get converted into glycogen in the liver and skeletal muscles. A runner uses this stored form of energy (glycogen) during running. Carbs delay the fatigue in runners which enhances the performance and allows them to run for longer.

2. Carbs have protein sparing function which means, sufficient carb load prevents the protein from being utilised as an energy source. So that protein performs its main role which is protein synthesis in muscles, prevent muscle breakdown and repairing of tissues.

Carb requirements of the body depends on the age, gender, physical activity level, biochemical and environmental factors, etc. Even carb requirement varies with sports intensity.

A 10k runner must take a balance of both simple and complex carbs. They can attain their carb requirements either via wholesome food or supplements. Carborance is one such energy supplement which can be consumed prior and during the running phase.

Steadfast Nutrition Carborance is an activity supplement which is a blend of both simple and complex carbs. It is the best energy supplement for 10k runners. It provides energy upto 2 hours as it contains both fast and slow releasing carbs. In this product, fructose and sucrose are simple carbs which provides instant energy to the working muscles whereas, maltodextrin and pre-gelatinised corn starch are complex ones which maintains the sustained release of energy in the body. It has additional benefits as it contains some electrolytes i.e sodium and chloride. These electrolytes generally help in the replenishment of lost stores of glycogen which are lost during intense activity through sweat. 

Ingredient description:

Maltodextrin: It is a less sweeter complex carb, that maintains the sustained release of energy for a longer duration. It is one of the main ingredient in Carborance as it is easily digestible and absorbable in the gut. It is the foremost source of fuel during a 10k run thus helps in reducing the insulin drop chances.

Pre-gelatinised starch: It maintains the steady flow of glucose in the bloodstream for a 10k run. It is a gluten-free ingredient, also low in sodium that helps reduce the chances of allergies and any rise in blood pressure.

Sucrose: It is a disaccharide that constitutes of two units of sugar i.e glucose and fructose. It is also known by other names like table sugar and invert sugar. This sugar first breaks down into glucose and fructose. Glucose is absorbed instantly while fructose provides slow release of energy. It has a low glycemic response therefore it maintains the moderate release of insulin into the bloodstream. The direct consumption of glucose can lead to discomfort of  stomach but sucrose reduces the chances of this incidence.

Fructose: It is sweeter than sucrose so its less quantity provides the adequate sweetness. It is a natural sugar mainly found in fruits and honey. As it has a low glycemic index it is metabolised in the liver hence, it maintains the slow and steady release of glucose in the muscles.

Sodium Chloride: They help in maintaining blood pressure and fluid balance of the body. These electrolytes help in restoring the fluid which is lost during running through sweating. The main aim is to rehydrate the body while running and other endurance activities.

Carborance provides instant and sustained energy which fulfils the requirements of a runner. It also hydrates the body with the additional benefit of electrolytes which maintains both fluid and electrolyte balance that is lost during running through sweating. It can be taken both before running and during running sip by sip. It’s one serving is of 61g which provides 231.8 kcal.

It's best to choose a product that is free from any kind of additives. Therefore, CARBORANCE is the best as it is free from any kind of artificial colours, preservatives, flavours and dyes. It is available in individual serving packs which makes it easy to carry. For use fill a sipper with approx 250ml of water, add 1 packet (61g) of powder and shake well for approx 20 seconds. Top off with  more water to make 750ml and shake again. During physical exertion, 1 serving per hour is recommended. Ultimately, Carborance helps you to reach the finish line without any fatigue. So, go and get your Carborance now for a good finish.