XCM (Cross Country Marathon) is a type of mountain biking race that usually involves a distance between 10-100 kilometres. The route does not involve laps, unlike XCO. Since it is long-distance cycling hence demands a lot of endurance and high mountain biking skills. XCM is an enduro sport and cyclists really have to go through gnarl as the terrains can include a grinder, grunt, off-camber, etc. 

When it comes to the nutrition needs of marathon cyclists, the fact is well-known that maintaining adequate hydration is essential. Yes, water and electrolytes are important but a cyclist loses something else as well in addition to sweat. Cyclists expend a lot of energy including stored glycogen well to derive energy. Carbohydrates needs are increased and cyclists are required to consume at least 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour during an XCM race. A proper carbohydrate and electrolyte fusion is recommended so as to prevent from getting bonked. To meet the need of hours, Carborance is an energy drink that provides a balance of carbs and electrolytes. What makes Carborance distinguishable is its unique blend of simple and complex carbohydrates. It is enriched with four different sources of carbs in which sucrose and fructose provide instant energy, whereas maltodextrin and pre-gelatinised corn starch work together in providing sustained energy for a longer duration. Some researches have shown that combining multiple kinds of carbohydrates which have different absorption rate in our body can maximise the uptake of carbs, provides good results and maximises athletic performance. Therefore, Carborance is a boon if the marathon is for more than 2 hours. This sports drink has been specifically designed for athletes like XCM cyclists, to satisfy the need for immediate energy along with keeping the energy levels up for the long run as well. Carborance is also an excellent source of two important electrolytes - sodium and chloride. Every cyclist loses some amount of sodium and it may vary from 200 mg - 2000 mg per litre of sweat. Drinking too much fluid without sodium leads to hyponatremia, proving harmful for a cyclist. Issues like fatigue, muscle cramps, lack of concentration and increased load on the heart may arise. A study conducted in 2015 demonstrated that athletes who hydrated themselves along with sodium were able to perform better as compared to those who didn’t. Sodium plays a key role in the uptake of nutrients by our body. Better the hydration with adequate sodium, better would be the absorption of food with reduced chances of experiencing stomach disturbances. Carborance is suitably formulated for XCM cyclists as we understand the needs better and it is an ideal drink to maintain fluid-electrolyte balance along with a continual supply of energy for a longer duration. One single serving can easily fulfil the needs of 2-3 hours but it might vary depending upon weather conditions, humidity, how demanding or enduro the trail is and the fitness level of the cyclist. 

To conclude, if you are looking for a mechanism or strategy to improve your performance in a prolonged and intense sport like XCM mountain biking, then Carborance is something which you should definitely opt for. Each sip of Carborance will provide adequate required nutrients to the body ensuring to assist to achieve what you desire.  


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