Badminton players need energy and electrolytes to keep them going through their training session. During their intense training, professional badminton players suffer from lack of energy and electrolytes due to excessive loss of sweat. Carbohydrates act as a fuel for the athletes, there are slow and fast releasing carbohydrates, wherein, the former gives instant energy and later gives slow and steady energy. Athletes are not able to get required carbohydrates from daily food they consume, hence, they have to take the help of supplements to go through their intense training session and matches. Carbohydrates improve athletic performance by delaying fatigue and allowing an athlete to compete at higher levels for longer. Nutrients such as fat or muscle protein, are utilised to make energy.

One of the best energy drinks in the market is Carborance, which is marketed by Steadfast Nutrition. The parent company Steadfast MediShield has a Pharma background, which assures you that your organs are in safe hands. All the products of Steadfast Nutrition are lab tested and all the guidelines of FSSAI are followed while manufacturing it. Their products are heavy metal free and do not have any steroids.

While training, your stomach undergoes traumatic movements. Not all athletes have the capability to handle the artificially flavoured, sweetened and indigestible molecules profoundly present in many nutrition products available in the market. Keeping these hassles of athletes in mind, Steadfast Nutrition has developed Carborance with a simple yet safe approach by adding only what is required during any high intensity, long-duration activities.

Carborance gives instant and sustained energy, it is easy to digest, gives optimal hydration, does not cause stomach distress, eliminates muscle fatigue. It does not have any colours, preservatives, thickness and artificial flavours. Carborance has some important ingredients like Maltodextrin, pre-gelatinised corn starch, sucrose, fructose and sodium chloride.

Additionally, an athlete’s body tends to use glycogen during activities that lead him/her to suffer from muscle fatigue and cramps. While they are served the ideal amount of carbohydrates in their meals, they should also add CARBORANCE depending upon their age, lifestyle, metabolism and training intensity.

If you are looking for a carbohydrate-rich product prior to your match or workout, then use Carborance for optimal carb-loading. If the duration of your match or workout is for more than 2 hours, use Carborance to fuel your body on the go. Athletes are highly recommended to take sachets of Carborance during the race depending upon the needs. An athlete or fitness enthusiast should take Carborance depending upon his or her sport, training intensity and lifestyle. If you are wondering how to boost energy during a workout and intense activities, 1 serving of Carborance can also be taken per hour or as recommended by a dietician. As for the rest, it is necessary to maintain the dosage based on their daily meal intake, lifestyle and activities. Additionally, 60-90 g is suggested per 750 ml for optimal performance. Carborance can be taken by strength athletes, endurance athletes or by an office going person.


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