Nov 25, 2020

Have you ever felt your energy levels low or sluggish at your workplace? Although sipping on your favourite cup of tea or coffee is the obvious answer to your need for refreshment, it is just a temporary solution. How about making a few changes that will be beneficial for keeping you active and provide improved energy levels as well?

All office goers out there, read on to know how to improve your productivity at the workplace.

Do Not Binge at Lunchtime

Many people rush to work without eating anything or just grabbing a fruit. Studies have shown that not having a proper meal for breakfast can make you eat more at lunchtime. Therefore, it is advisable to always have a proper breakfast. Don’t fill your stomach at lunchtime, instead Keep portion control to avoid feeling sleepy at least half of the day. Also, avoid eating heavy korma curries or any kind of fried food at this time rather prefer eating a balanced meal in the right portion.

Snack at Short Intervals

Keep snacking every 2 hours to keep up your energy levels and plan to eat widely. Carry small boxes of homemade snacks mentioned below:

  • A box of roasted nuts like makhana, peanuts, channa
  • A box of fruits - Any 2 different seasonal fruits
  • A box of vegetables - Salads or Sautéed Vegetables
  • A hydrating beverage - Buttermilk/ coconut water/ lemon water / herbal tea

Include these foods whenever you feel hungry in between.

Most importantly, eat something wholesome between 4 pm to 5 pm. It's the best time to have nuts, seeds or any homemade snack like Kakra, eggs, few pieces of paneer, sprouts salad.

Walk a Little After Every Hour

Sitting for more than an hour can lower your interest in work. It is advisable to walk and do things like filling up your water bottle, walking near your desk, etc. to refresh your mind before getting back to work after a few minutes.

Stay Well Hydrated

Working in-doors and sitting under the A.C. might not make you feel thirsty. But not having a sufficient amount of water does have a bad impact on your productivity and health. Remind yourself to include water every hour or go for hydrating beverages. Also, don’t have more than 2 cups of caffeine-based beverages in a day. Always have a glass of water after having such beverages to stay hydrated.

Stay Active at the Workplace

Use stairs and avoid using lifts to burn calories. If left with time after lunch, stroll a while, and do not sit immediately after lunch. Whenever you take a break, walk and take some fresh air to feel active. Don’t ask your office boy to get things for you, do it on your own to be active.

To summarise, staying productive at the workplace is of utmost importance, and it is the place where we spend half of our time. Then why not manage work and health in a better way? Hope the above-mentioned tips will also help you manage work better.