We know about some of the major aspects affecting our well-being, be it what to eat, how much to eat or even when to eat. Yes, it makes quite a lot of difference in our life and daily maintenance. But, did you know a nice nap can be a game changer for both mental and physical health. We tend to overlook our sleep and continue with our exhaustive habits that might end up being fatal for us. 
Believing the concept that our internal system tends to shut down while we sleep but in contrast to that belief our internal organs and processes start working harder at night. One who hasn’t slept well in the night, it becomes difficult for them to keep working with dedication. Sleep helps one think clearly with making them capable of quicker reflexes, and better focusing ability. One can very easily make out between the ones who have had a good night’s sleep and one who hasn’t. 
Researchers have found that the “Loss of sleep impairs our higher levels of reasoning, problem-solving and attention to detail.” It also has a huge impact on the productivity of an employee with fluctuating mood swings. If one has a bad mood the person won’t interact with others leading to a decline in productivity. 
It is suggested that lack of sleep increases the risk for obesity, heart disease and infections. Also, the fact that the body releases hormones during sleep that help repair cells and control the body’s use of energy. These hormonal changes can affect our body weight. An adult’s sleep time varies according to their lifestyle, on an average an adult needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. The older generation is known to suffer sleeping disorders like insomnia. If the problem persists above 3 weeks please see a doctor. 

Good sleeping pattern is crucial to our health. To make get the best out of each day one should take steps in making sure of getting a regular good night’s sleep.

Sleep Tight, Glow Bright!

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