Steadfast athlete Garima Chaudhary, the Indian judoka beautifully represented the country at the South Asian Games, 2019. She has won two Gold medals under the Women’s Single - 70 kg and Mixed Team event. Garima is backed by the premium power of nutrition from Steadfast.

She has been training hard under the guidance of her coach that lead her winning the Gold for India. We feel proud to be associated with the making of such champions with a mix of their dedication to our premium range of nutrition. The pride of looking at your country flag flying high is beyond words. We wish her luck and strength for more such victories in future as she keeps fighting the odds.

Steadfast always looks for dedicated athletes who have the potential to shine bright amongst the all. Judo needs full-on strength to carry on exercises in proportion to bodily strength. Always aim for betterment in your game with the power of uncompromised nutrition from Steadfast Nutrition.

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