Jan 20, 2021

When civilisation was in its initial phase we all were hunters & gatherers. The greatest asset at that time man had was his stamina because he had to run long distances to chase the animal. This phenomenon in modern-day is called Persistence Hunting, which is still practised by the Bushmen people in the Kalahari Desert in South Africa, where they chase an Antelope for about 4 to 5 hours in the midday heat and the temperature is about 42 degrees covering a distance of about 35 Km.

So running long distances for humans is not something new, as the body is designed to run long distances.

The history of Modern Day Marathon began in 490 BC when a Greek soldier “Pheidippides” ran from Marathon to Athens a distance of 26 miles to convey the victor message to his fellow Greeks about the war that they had won against the Persian Army. 

In 1896 for the very first time Full Marathon a total distance of 42 Km was introduced as a sport in Olympics in the memory of Pheidippides.

So running 10 km, Half Marathon or Full Marathon at every stage you lose your energy, and as a runner, it is very important to maintain the right energy levels. While running we sweat a lot, and we lose electrolyte from the body. Loss of electrolyte can cause abnormal heart rhythms, muscle weakness, spasms, cramps, paralysis and respiratory problems. 

So to make sure that you have the right nutrition while running Snergy is the one-stop solution for the runners. Keeping in mind the taste buds it provides instant energy in a delectable orange or watermelon flavour and comes in a single sachet serving of 45 grams. It has 40.95 g of carbohydrate in single-serve along with electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, and chloride with an additional boost of vitamin B6 and B12, which replaces the losses incurred by sweating, without causing any gastrointestinal disturbances.

There are a lot of options available in the market, but what makes Snergy way better than other supplements is that it has Taurine and Inositol. Taurine is an amino acid that helps in regulating the heartbeat, muscle contractions, energy levels, and also combats insulin resistance. 

Whereas inositol helps in reducing stress in runners, as during the time of performance majority of them are under a lot of stress to perform best and with so much stress, they often have a lot of biological problems, therefore in order to combat that we have added Inositol in Snergy. 

So human evolution happened over billions of years, we have been able to understand the complex nature of us physically, mentally and biologically, so, therefore, it is very important to consume the right product at the right time to get the desired result.

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