A “Triathlon” is a three-part sport discipline which has swimming, cycling and running. All three sports are considered as a single event, and the athletes who participate have to complete all three in a specified time period. It was started in 1970 in Track clubs of San Diego as an alternative workout for the track athletes. The first Triathlon held on 25th Sept 1974 consisted of a 10 km run, 8 km cycling and 500 meters of swimming. 

It was only in 1989 that the sport got an Olympic status and got featured in the 2000 Sydney Olympic for the first time. Since then the sport has become very popular around the world. Some of the famous Triathlons around the world are Ironman Arizona, Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon, Alaskaman Xtreme Triathlon and Ironman Lake Placid. It is a very gruelling race since it has three different parts to it. A full triathlon consists of 3.8 km of a swim, 180 km of a bike ride and 42 km of run.

So a person who is training for triathlons needs to be on a rich carbohydrate diet, as carbs will provide him with the ample energy to take him through the race. On average, a person burns about 10,000 to 11,000 calories in an Ironman triathlon. It also depends upon his fat percentage in the body and his weight. So, training for such an event which lasts around 15 hours one needs to be in his/her best shape, and loaded with carbs.

So, Steadfast Nutrition understanding the requirement of the athletes has formulated Carborance, which has long-chain complex carbs designed especially for endurance athletes. It is a single serving of 62.5 grams and has 95 grams carbs per 100 grams. It is a perfect product for endurance athletes as it is a combination of slow and fast release carbohydrates along with essential electrolytes that are drained out through sweat. The presence of these compounds promises to take you miles ahead without affecting your organs, especially without distressing your stomach.

It is the perfect fuel for an athlete’s body, and it is designed for endurance sportspersons to provide energy for a longer period. It plays the role of restoring energy, which is lost during exercise. Athletes demand additional and continuous energy support on their big day to perform at optimum levels. With CARBORANCE, an athlete is also assured to stay at bay from instant sugar spikes, unlike other products that are widely available in the market.


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