Protein is a much discussed topic related to various health advantages, as most of the immune mechanisms depend on production of active protein compounds or cell replication. Immunoglobulin, or antibodies are formed in our body with the help of proteins which therefore help fight against infections. The individual suffering from protein deficiency has a weak immune system in comparison with the ones who take care of their daily protein requirements.

It is important to take care of all the necessary physical precautions but one should not forget to equip themselves to fight the virus from within. Proteins are made from building blocks and these are blocks that can be broken and rearranged in different ways.

Protein plays the most important role in your body. Apart from building and repairing tissue, it helps fight bacterial and viral infections. Our body’s immune system controls the antibodies and immune system cells relying on protein to stay healthy. However, lack of protein in the body leads to a weaker immunity, fatigue and weakness symptoms.

Focusing on nutrient-rich foods and a well-balanced diet is the best way to obtain these desired nutrients. We need to narrow the gap between nutrition and immunity. Promoting healthy environment is key, WHO believes in creating a healthy food environment with healthy dietary practices. There is no single food or supplement that can build immunity. Infact- it is a long-drawn process. A diet enriched with nutrients is a first step towards it. The role of vitamins and minerals in supporting immunity is widely publicised, however- another nutrient of the food palate that has a major role in building immunity is Protein. 

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