Over the time presence of products in small and affordable sachets has dramatically increased in the market. But still, there are only a few companies which provide supplements in a sachet. Most protein supplements come in a box of various sizes. Steadfast Nutrition is one such company which provides its supplements in a sachet form. There are numerous benefits of using sachet for both the consumer and producer. Firstly, they are easy to carry and store. The other benefit for a buyer is that it reduces the risk related to acceptability of the new product i.e. in case the consumer doesn’t like the taste  of the product or has a different preference then the loss of money would be significantly lower, also less wastage of the product. 

Sachet with its appealing outer appearance also provides protection to the product from moisture, air and harmful chemicals through tight pouch seal and superior quality material. Sachets are good for free-flowing products as they are hygroscopic in nature that means they can easily gain moisture from the surroundings which in turn may cause oxidative rancidity or lumps in the product. Thus, sachet protects the inner quality of the product. While in boxes the product quality may deteriorate with time.

The functionality and representation of the sachet can assist brands to construct a strong perception and recognition as well as reinforce their image. Other advantages of supplements in a sachet are outlined below:

  • Ease

Sachets are handy, easy-to-use that’s why they are most often used by the gym goers or athletes. While boxes are not preferred because of their bulky nature by most of the population.

  • Convenience

Boxes cannot be carried while one is on the race track thus it can’t be your race companion. But you can effortlessly carry sachets wherever you travel.

  • Compact

Boxes of various sizes require specific and additional storage space whereas sachet because of its compressed or small size can be stored, placed and carried with ease.

  • Quality

Sachet helps in maintaining the overall integrity of the product by preventing protein denaturation because of its single serving size. In contrast, boxes once opened require proper storage i.e. in a cool and dry place.

  • Duplication

In the case of boxes, it is easy to replace the label therefore, the possibility of duplication increases but in sachets replica generation is not an easy task.

  • Adulteration

Boxes are more susceptible to contamination and adulteration, as fillers can be incorporated for volume. Conversely, each sachet contains a balanced composition of ingredients as claimed by the company.

  • Transportation cost

Shipment of sachets is cost-effective due to its compact and dense nature while boxes because of their rigid nature and large area require a high transportation cost.

Both sachet and boxes have pros and cons which in turn depends on the consumer’s usage and purpose. Sachet helps people in living a hassle-free life. Moreover, a single serving size of sachet contains a fixed amount of product which can easily be dispensed or consumed. You can choose sachet for quality, convenience and assurance. Additionally, the product quality remains unaltered throughout its shelf life.

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